Everyone knows I love JIBRI and I wear it often.  When people ask me about it, I always say it's the best kept secret.  I have yet to be in the same room with another girl and she has my dress on.  Another critique of the line is that, for me, this line represents the girl who wants to be noticed, stylish, and classy.  In my regular life, I can be on the quiet side and some even call me soft spoken.  Wearing JIBRI speaks louder than I ever could.  When I wear the line I feel the clothes can tell people who I am as a person without me actually saying anything.  Whenever I wear JIBRI I get mounds of compliments that day....and what girl doesn't like a compliment.  (Keeping it real moment) 

So what will be on my shopping list from the collection.  I thought I would share.  Looks like it's going to be a bright winter.

Plus size fashion, JIBRI

Plus size fashion, JIBRI


Plus size fashion, JIBRI

I numbered them in order of favorite and the order in which I will buy them in...LOL.   Two pencil dresses...phewww guys I'll be bringing out the big gun girdles for Fall/Winter.  I don't mind too much since the extra layer keeps me warm.  Dual purpose ladies...girdles are great for shaping you and for warmth...LOL.