Birthdays, Bows, & Mad Men

So today I turned 25 today...again.  I celebrated my birthday over the weekend with a shopping trip that my husband took me on.  Unfortunately, this adult card that I have acquired doesn't care if its my birthday.  So I went to work.  But I came home to flowers, cake, balloons, and a multitude of wonderful facebook birthday wishes, singing voicmails, text messages galore.  So thanks to all who wished me Happy Birthday.  Even though I had to work it made my day better.

Moving on,  I did a mini outfit post.  The Mad Men Collection for Banana Republic came out in August and I loved and wished that I could fit into more from the collection.  I ended up picking up this cream lace shell.  It is so darling and just a dainty piece to add to your collection.  Banana Republic has been one of my all time favorite places to shop, but as I have put on a few pounds the clothes are little harder for me to fit into.

Plus size blog, Banana Republic, Mad Men
(Disclaimer - If you will look to the far right there is a green blanket on the couch -- no matter how many times I ask for this blanket to be folded neatly and placed on the couch it never happens -- Just had to get that off my chest.)

Outfit Logistics
Belt - Talbots $14

Plus size blog, Banana Republic, Mad Men