My Teacher's Lounge Debut

My adventures in working today lead me to a magical place that one rarely gets to see...the teacher's lounge.  As part of my work duties today, I had to go and visit a teacher and he took me into the teacher's lounge.  I must say it was very cozy, inviting, and looked nothing like the school.  It was almost like a mini Starbucks.  Now it is all so very clear about why they won't allow children in their space.  It felt like the perfect getaway from kids, school lunches, school restrooms (I visited one today and I can't believe I actually used to go to the restroom in a school.  They are disgusting and smell of oldness).  I actually would have like to have stayed and took a catnap.

Anywho, as I have been into buying Talbot's skirts lately, I picked up this wool skirt for $134.  This skirt came in 31 inches in the women's sizes, but they were out of the skirt in my size. I ordered the petite skirt in 29 inches, because it looked like a fabulous skirt to have.  I would have loved the 31 inch, but the 29 inch was fine. This skirt is made of a super soft, but light weight wool.  Although a great material, the issue that I foresee having is the skirt getting stretched out of shape.  These pics were taken at the end of the day and you see the bottom is a little stretched from me basically getting in and out of my car (I had a lot places to go today).  

Plus size clothing, Talbots, Target

Outfit Logistics.

Merino Wool Skirt - Talbots $134
Top - Target $15 (super old)
Belt - Michael Kors $39 (I bought in an XL, I think the belt would fit up to a 45 inch waist)
Suede Flats - Talbots $53

Plus size clothing, MonifC

I was actually doing some personal shopping for a client and purchased these items for her.  I thought this was such a cute look (if I dont say so myself)...I decided to share with you.  I am thinking of picking up this dress for myself.  
Dress - MonifC $208
Shoes - Bakers $59