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Outfit of the Day: Pharrell Williams & Talbots

Plus size clothing, plus size skirt, Talbots, Saks

Plus size clothing, plus size skirt, Talbots, Saks

I was excited to purchase a 31 inch long skirt from Talbots.  It's so hard to find a skirt with a good length, so when I saw that Talbots had a 31 inch skirt I jumped on it.  The skirt is ponte and is really nice.  I wish they had more colors.  Now that I am seeing the skirt, the thing that I will probably change is have the skirt taken in at the bottom to make it more of a pencil fit.  Other than that it's fabulous.

Plus size clothing, plus size skirt, Talbots, Saks

Outfit Logistics
Top - Off Fifth  $50
Shoes - Kate Spade at TJMaxx $129
Sunglasses - Juice Couture $63 Off Fifth
Belt - Michael Kors at  TJMaxx $40 

Qream, Pharell

I was shopping for spirits and came across Pharrell William's feminine cocktail Qream. I was told from my online buddies that the drink had been out for some time.  That's what happens when you lose your party pass, you the last one to know about the new cocktails.  Anywho, the bottle was so pretty I said, "Ok Pharrell, I'll bite."  

The back of the bottle states that:

Inspired by royalty, I created this silky drink to celebrate the beautiful, independent and sophisticated women of today. It is a truly elegant experience for the modern day queen and her court of friends. 

I thought I's share with you guess just because I love feminine and fancy things. The drink tastes like strawberry milk/ice cream.  It's very relaxing after-work cocktail that I am partaking in right now...LOL.  And be warned,  it is very easy to drink the whole bottle.  


  1. Looooove that skirt and the top. You look really cute. I know what you mean about losing the party pass but that bottle looks so enticing. I must try.

  2. Love that combination. Leopard print is this season's black!! You look fabulous and you make me want to check out that skirt!! I never thought to wear a longer skirt but with a fitted tucked in shirt you make it look really nice.

  3. Thanks Ladies!

    @Savonne - Yeah its the sign that Im getting old.

  4. I love this outfit! That's a great idea for your skirt and I love the leopard top! I'll have to check that out when I'm shopping for new "spirits" lol!


  5. That top is absolutely gorgeous!! =)

  6. There are no words to explain how much I'm loving leopard right now. This outfit is so stunning!! Plus, I think I just found the official drink for my birthday party this month :)

  7. omg yesss!

    I turn 21 next month and I can't wait to try this :)

    its so freaking fancy and cute!


  8. The outfit is hot but I can't see the shoe's that well. Do you have a closer pic of the shoes?

  9. @MissMarried Lady -
    You can see them here

  10. That drink looks delicious! I love your outfits, you are so sharp and well put together.

    -Bianca at http://theinbetweengirls.wordpress.com/

  11. question about the wall art in the Pharrell William's feminine cocktail Qream photo. is that DIY? where did you find the fluffy piece?? SUPER CUTE!!

    1. Hi Dana, Yes it was a DIY project. It's a combination of an old Tiffany's bag (the background), a frame (dollar store), and a handmade pom pom out of tissue paper (which you can google on how to make them -- Martha Stewart does them a lot) --- I hope this helps.