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Spring Forward

With Spring Collections floating around and Dallas' unseasonably warm weather I am ready to spring forward.  Here are the items on my wish list so far.  

Plus size clothing, plus size fashion, Rachel Pally

Plus size clothing, plus size fashion, Gisela Ramirez
Plus size clothing, plus size fashion, City Chic

8.  Gap Blazer - $80 (Sizes go up to XXL)

The shoe is crazy to me, I love the heel.  Anyways, I know I'll be adding some more things as time goes.  I see that neon is really going to big this spring/summer.  I have my own personal issues with neon.  For some reason looking like a crossing guard isn't on the top of my list of things to do, but a lot things I scouted while shopping seemed like an interesting way to spark up my wardrobe.  

What do you think of the whole neon trend?  Will you be incorporating it into your wardrobes this spring?


  1. That shoe is crazy and I bought that skirt last night! lol I too am ready for spring but I am going to enjoy the cooler weather while I can! As soon as that humidity hits I'm going to wish it were cool again! lol Kiah

    1. I know...I am hoping for a cooler summer that 115 degrees was killing me.

  2. i have my eye on that asos skirt! not sure about the neon myself, maybe i would try it in very very small doses!

  3. I'm on the fence about neon. I'm not going to count it completely out but I won't be making a bunch of effort trying to incorporate it into my wardrobe.

  4. I have the Gap blazer in pink. I saw the green in the store & it is not as bright as the pic suggests. Definately get it. It's so comfortable!


  5. Oh! Hot! I am loving some...ok, ALL...of these pieces. I especially like the stripes at the top. That maxi and the pencil skirt are the bomb. Love it! Thanks for sharing.


  6. i purchased and returned the "neon" green blazer...it's a ponti knit and not at all structured (i can see how easily it's going to pill with wear). i'm ready for stuctured blazers that include great fit and color and it's looking like i'll be waiting for a while LOL.

  7. I actually have a ponte blazer that I love...I know I wont get a long wear out of it, but I think I can work with it for the duration that I will wear it. It's pretty cheap, so it will be one of those trendy pieces that I wear and toss in 12 months.