I have to confess something to you guys.  I have not been following my own rules.  I am a big supporter of having on a great foundation, but I neglected one of the most important foundations that we all must wear on a daily basis...the bra.  I buy bras all the time, but to me because of me being small busted, it was an after thought.  I would do my usual bra shopping every six months at the local Lane Bryant and go on about my life.  The crazy thing is that I would send my clients to Intimacy.  A large portion of my clients are bustier than I and so lack of support is more obvious than it is on a woman with a smaller bust.  I have recommended Intimacy to clients, because I have seen what it has done for family and friends.  I have heard people rave about their products.  Yesterday, I was with a client and I was, once again, recommending Intimacy.  I then said to myself, "I recommend this all the time, but I haven't actually went through the process."  Well I did it and I must say, in the words of my sister, "IT WAS LIFE CHANGING."  I literally went with the first two bras I tried on.  
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I feel the new bra lifted and gave a more desirable shape.

I couldn't put my finger on why my breasts weren't sitting up as high as they should be.  My bras were all relatively new. I had been wearing the size that I always wear.  I took care of my bras through delicate wash/hand washing.   Well it was a me wearing the wrong size.  My usual bra size was a 40C.  Intimacy bras are done in European sizes, but I ended up in a 36F.  I'm not sure how that is even possible, but that's the size.

 Pros/Cons of Intimacy

  • I spent $200 on 2 bras.  This is a far cry from the $40 bras I usually buy.  
  • Although the bra assistants are very nice, it does not prepare you for the groping scene in the dressing room.  Your bra expert will help you get into the bra, will move you breasts into position, and can possibly see one of your nipples.  This all without wine, music, or a movie.  I don't consider myself super modest, but even I wasn't prepared for this.
  • If you are not used to taking care of your bras then you better get up to speed quickly. The bras require a special soap, a lingerie bag, and either delicate cycle or hand washing.  A cute little cleaning kit, includes soap & lingerie bag, is offered for $10 at Intimacy.  Personally, ruining $200 worth of bras in the washer is not an option for me.  
  • I heard it can get really busy in the store and you may have to wait for a bra expert. They do however have a link on their website where you can make an appointment.  

  • Awesome liftoff of the girls!
  • With your breasts in the right place, it can make you look like you've lost up to 20llbs. 
  • With the right bra size, you can actually shift the underarm fat in the breast cup.  Told to me by my bra expert, she said it can take 1 - 2 years to accomplish this. 
  • Plus sizes are welcome!
  • Some of the prettiest bras available in all sizes.  I hate the ugly bras.  
I know this post was really wordy, but I wanted to let you know about my great find.  I've had so many bra companies try to get me to promote their products, but I just happened into Intimacy and they are the ones I fell in love with.