Designer to Watch: Melissa Lawson - Garnerstyle

Designer to Watch: Melissa Lawson

I came across this line today through by Melissa Lawson.  Melissa's line looks very Judy Jetson.  I'm loving the space age inspiration.     This is definitely a different take on plus size fashion.  

You can find this designer's pieces on her etsy shop.  I, personally, would love to see how this designer develops in the future.  What do you think of her line?


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    1. Yea I have a very similar pair that are apart of my JIBRI them!

  2. I think that this a plus size designer stepping out on a limb and creating clothing based on inspiration rather than merely selling us the plus size counterpart to the clothing we see on smaller women. As a larger woman, I notice that much plus size fashion is very basic. How many t-shirts, jean, and cardigans can a girl wear? It's nice to see something out of the ordinary, even if I wouldn't wear it. The jury is still out of the dress and top, but I LOVE those pants!

  3. I think her shapes are different and inspiration. like the commenter before me stated, it is nice to see a plus size designer step out on a limb and design clothing that isn't just the basic clothes you find at your larger retailers. With that said, I personally don't think I'd wear either of these pieces, in thier current form, either a change of colors would make it more wearable for the top, and darken the dress a bit by adding black somewhere perhaps so that is doesn't look so easter meets judy jetson-ish.

    But the shapes are magnificent, especially on those pants. The colors of the dress and top are amazing as well, just not in the form they are in. I think it is too much shape and color and pattern mixing in one outfit. Perhaps choose on outrageous feature and play that up. Instead of trying to mix all the outrageous features together. Besides that, I also would love to see how this designer progresses...

  4. I'm feelin' it...I need those cropped tan trousers in my life ASAP!