Travelin' Woman

Noticed anything lately. My hunny bunny bought me the NIKON 1 camera and it takes magnificent shots.  I am so excited because I will be traveling in a couple of weeks to Kanye Country (Chicago) and JayZ territory (NYC). (I'm not sure why I am thinking in terms of rappers.) Since I am a blogger and obviously take pictures all the time, when I go on trips I tend to opt out of taking pictures.  You can probably say I am pictured out.  This go around, I have said I WILL take plenty of pictures.  I am excited, the Chi-Town visit is a girl's trip and I don't have to say what the NYC trip is for.  

Outfit Logistics: Top - Forever 21 $20, Pants - JIBRI $130, Necklace - Archive Vintage $20, Sandals - Talbots $18, Shellac Color - Studio White, Clutch - Nordstrom Rack $50