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As I share with you my Chicago experience, I am truly exhausted.   I haven't been posting lately in preparation for this Chicago trip and  my upcoming New York trip.   All I can do is pray to the Lord to give me strength to make it to NYC.    

Annually my friends go on a girl's trip.  We leave all our responsibilities behind and pick one particular place wreak havoc on for a particular weekend.  We were celebrating a friend's birthday and she choose Chicago.   No offense to you Chi-Towners, but I heard many bad things about Chicago, so let's just say I was disappointed  in the destination selection...until I got there.   We had a fabulous time!!! We stayed at the Chicago Hilton, which was, besides being a lovely hotel with a wonderful staff, it also was minutes away (via cab/bus/walking) from restaurants, clubs, shopping, and site seeing. We enjoyed spa services from Balance Spa at the The Palmer's House (also a Hilton Property), where my massage therapist gave me the best massage of my LIFE! We actually pre-booked spa treatments via Groupon.  We got mini facials, a 50 min. massage and pedicures. That was the best $100 I ever spent.  We ate at Zapatista (horrible experience), Havana (GREAT!), Cafe Iberico (Wonderful & where we got that banana dessert LOL), and all the Garrett's popcorn we could consume with out tossing our cookies.  Friday night, we danced our butts off at Griffin Lounge, where the DJ could probably be my new BFF.  We visited the Navy Pier for some traditional sight seeing and went shopping off of State Street. Overall, Chicago reminded me of a much cleaner and less crowded New York City.  The city was gorgeous and the people were so nice.  I definitely hope to visit again.  

Even though there are quite a few cocktails posted, please note that everyone is over the age of 21 and no one was driving.  Please drink responsibly.  


  1. It's good that you got to visit the city(my hometown) for yourself to see that it can be a fun/nice place to be. I'm glad you had fun! There is good food, even better shopping, and the sites are fantastic. I love going back to visit!

  2. Seems like you had an amazing time.

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  3. This does look like fun - I LOVE Chicago! Great shopping AND great food - my 2 favorite combinations!

  4. glad you enjoyed your time in my City and since you guys only hit the tip of the iceberg, you must plan another trip and really get into it, there is so much to explore!

  5. Sounds like a great trip. I just moved to IL and I hope to visit Chicago soon.

  6. :: First I love your blog, second, I'll be visiting Chicago this weekend and I've been looking for new places to explore and see, and you've helped me out! Thanks girlie!!