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Designer to Watch: Vivere

Vivere: an Italian word, stemming from the original Latin root, meaning to be alive; to live.  Scheduled to preview their Spring Collection this September 2012, Vivere is the new kid on the block with work wear that is sophisticated yet vibrant.  No boring classics here. This line also seems to capture a sense of elegance and class.   Check out a few preview pics here.  I've also added a video for your viewing pleasure.  There is a pair of pink pants with red piping that are to die for (00:57 on the video).  Alright guys sound off and tell me what you think!

Keep up with updates on Vivere at or @Vivere_Shop on Twitter.  


  1. Those pants are the business... Love them.

  2. that pink dress is gorgeous !!

  3. Yes, looks very classy...and the pants remind me of the material in equestrian riding pants-looks very nice! Where will we be able to purchase this brand???