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Best Jeans Ever

I always get the question, "Where can I buy a fabulous pair of jeans?"  I always think, if you find out let me know.  It's not secret, I hate jeans.  I can never find a pair that fit in a "non sloppy" sort of way...until now.  I have to hand it to Torrid, these jeans are fabulous.  It's a perfect combination of the right cut, stretch, and denim.    A few posts back, I had a chance to try them on, but I had on my girdle and I couldn't really get the full on experience.  I was just not about to take off my girdle that would have been too much work.  They fit like a glove and are actually comfortable.  I spent practically all day in mine and didn't feel like my circulation was at risk...LOL.  These even have a cute little zipper on the side.  Oh and I ordered a size 26.  I wish I would have ordered a 24 for the smaller waist and because of the stretch these will get a tad bit looser by the end of the day.  I will get the waist taken in to get that extra perfect fit.  

In case you were wondering, yes there is a "bump it" in my hair.  Don't judge me. Anyways, this snazzy little jacket came from Torrid as well. I thought it would be kind of fun to do a Blogger Stole My Look/Who wore it best poll.  Jessica of Life & Style of Jessica Kane has on the same pieces, but with her own twist.  She looks tre' chic.  It's a friendly competition where the winner gets bragging rights.  

Outfit Logistics:  Jeans - Torrid $48, Jacket - Torrid $48, Top - Dorothy Perkins $20, Shoes - ShoeDazzle $40

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  1. "Don't judge me" LOL! You are too cute. I really want those jeans!

  2. I love that you put a 'POP' of pink with your look... of course, I will be going to get these jeans when you get to San Diego!

  3. Cuteness! Your look is so girly :)

  4. you look so cute. Your jacket and pink top are pretty ;)

  5. Chastity you know am rooting for you! Fabulous as always!!!

  6. They fit amazingly on you!

  7. Wow, these look great on you; the fit is fabulous. Looks like I'm going to have to check out Torrid. =)

    Y'know I had to vote for you as well.

  8. Super cute outfit! I really love the top, your blazer, and the cute bandana.

  9. Those are super cute jeans and they look great on you!


  10. It's so funny that you reviewed these jeans today! I ordered them from Torrid a few days ago (the ones without the ankle zipper) and they arrived this afternoon! I put them on and it was LOVE. Perfect length and the right amount of stretch. The denim is just thick enough to not feel cheap, but not too thick that I can't wear them in the hotness of Texas. The best part--they completely cover my bottom, no panty-peeking!

  11. You know I tried these on a few days ago and they were just not flattering. I'm surprised that they have been such a hit. I guess I will have to try them again. Maybe I missed the something.

    1. You may or may not have. Jeans are a funny thing, some brands may work for you and some may not. Every brand makes them different. If they don't work, they just don't work. If you didn't like them when you first tried them on, chances are you probably won't like them. Just try another brand.

  12. I LURVE the jeans, I am a fan of both you and Jessica and you both killed the look! Now I want a pair!

  13. I have two pairs of jeans for Torrid. Their skinny jeans fit me perfectly. I love the zipper at the bottom of yours.

  14. I am going to Torrid tomorrow. They look great on you.

  15. This outfit is so cute. I love the jacket.


  16. Jeans - Torrid $48 looks fine with me with that dotted jacket and black blouse inside.

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  17. You look great....I brought those jeans from Torrid....I love how they fit!!!! Thanks for the look...If I didnt see them on you I would not have purchased them!!! Thanks

  18. I cousin bought a new jeans in Lee store.The price is pretty expensive but when i saw the item i found the quality inside.

    Micaela from anuschka shoes

  19. Hello there sweet! :) Keep it up! <3

  20. Super cute and they look very comfy!

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