#FNO #NYFW - Garnerstyle


Night 1.  So what village idiot lost their cell phone in a cab the first night of New York Fashion Week?  Raises hand.  An even better question is, what girl is having a blast at her first #NYFW?  Raises hand again.  Beside the phone fiasco, I had a ball.  There are gazelles (models) everywhere.  The thing I like about watching the models is their style.  It's kind of non-existent, it's their look that is their wow factor, not what they wear. So they are some of the most simplest dressed women, but so striking you can't help but stare. 

The atmosphere that accompanies fashion week is unyielding.  It just won't let you go.  Fashion at every corner, music blasting, and tons of crowds.  Everyone trying to take home their own piece of this elite week.  With that being said the people watching is phenominal.  Every type of girl that you've see on any given t.v show can be seen on this particular night....gossip girl, Jenny from the block, the jersey girl, the list goes on and on.  I must say the fashion that I've been most impressed with is the men's fashion.  The guys here go for the gusto.  They are fearless, committed, and it all paid off.  I saw a dude pull off a Huckleberry Finn jumpsuit (see instagram photo below) AND he wore the hell out of it!!! I LOVE IT!!!

I attended fashion week with Juanette from Fashionette Work and Reiko from God's Favorite Shoes.  We started out at the Meatpacking District and attempted to go to Diane von Furstenburg to see Solange Knowles get her DJ on.  Well, not so much...the line was literally around the block.  Every natural girl in the city was eagerly waiting to get in to see their Solange in all of her fabulously natural haired glory.  Then we checked out the Shops at Target, where their yet to be released lines were available for purchase.  It was a super cute venue, where the DJ played "Party all the Time" by Eddie Murphy.  You know I got my dance and my sing on.  We then skipped over to 5th ave to do some shopping at H&M.  There are so many things going on  a cab ride literally left me phoneless in Manhattan.  I was determined not to let that spoil my time...and it didn't.  Needless to say, I got a new phone the next morning.  

Group #FNO Shot
 Huckleberry Chic
 Models Crossing
   DVF Line

Stayed tuned, I have 2 more days of #NYFW to cover and more posts coming on dining with awesome bloggers, my Style Network experience, and much more.  


  1. You look BEAUTIFUL!!! Have fun and can't wait for more posts.

  2. Love the brogues! On my fall must-have list.

  3. If you have the receipt from the cab ride you should call to see if your property was turned in! You look lovely.

  4. Aaaaahhhh you and your fancy dancy camera! On my wish list now....it was such a blast, I loved hanging with you! (p.s. I'm stealing the photo of me!)