Somebody that I Used to Know

Tonight I got to attend a benefit fashion show for Baylor Hospital Health Care System Foundation with celebrity host/stylist and Denim Magazine editor & chief, J. Bolin.   I met J. Bolin years ago and he gave me one of my most memorable fashion moment.  I was just starting in the industry and modeling in a fashion show. He was back stage styling for a designer and I just remember the polish on his personal presentation.   It was impeccable, complete with clean lines, perfect tailoring, and a crispness you have to see to believe.  He inspired me to be as polished as possible and to finish a look from head to toe. 

JIBRI, ASOS Curve, Asos

Far Left:  Bootglams segment of the show -- take your eyes down to that fancy show accessory.  Check them out here.  Middle:  Model showcasing styles from Haven Boutique (as far as I know they don't sell plus sizes).  Far Right:  Shamequia Cason, founder of Baylor Health Care Systems Foundation and kidney transplant recipient, looking gorgeous & healthy thanks to Baylor Hospital.  
JIBRI, ASOS Curve, Asos
Outfit Logistics:  Bow Blouse - Ladan's Closet $49, Dress - Asos $34, Sequin Leggings - JIBRI $300, Booties - $20, Gold Case - gifted from my nephew :)

 Celebrity Stylist:  Jason Bolin
And they say Dallas isn't fashionable.  Left:  Fellow stylists NekiBosh from They're Just Clothes & Courtney Guy, Right: I forgot her name, but she was so cute and can you believe her suit came from the Limited.  
Tonight's event had a station to sign up to be an organ donor.  I have a really close friend who had a kidney transplant and through her I understand the urgency of having a replacement organ.  Tonight, I signed up to be an organ donor in hopes of helping someone live when I go meet Jesus.  Click here if you want more information or would like to sign up.