Stealing Polka Dots

I saw God's Favorite Shoes in this top and said I have to have it and wouldn't you know it came from Old Navy.  Of course it's not available in the plus sizes, but the top goes up to a XXL.  I wish I would have gotten the XL, it's just a tad big and sweater has a lot of give and gets stretched out easily.    I would say the XXL would accommodate up to a 22.  Side note:  Why wouldn't they make this top in plus sizes.  It's just a simple size up.  It baffles me sometimes.  

I actually interviewed for a job today and this is what I wore.  When introducing myself to people, I use the philosophy that sometimes simple and chic is best.  

Outfit Logistics - Top - SimplyBe (similar), Belt - Asos $20, Skirt - Nordstrom, Shoes - 6pm