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Money for Nothing

Friday was a busy day for me.  I had a morning photo shoot that I was styling for Dzire Boutique for some pieces that are being added.  See some of the looks below.  BTW, the comments concerning the look of the website were great.  I spoke with the owner and encouraged her to read them, so she can see how to improve.  She was glad to read them and is diligently working on making website more aesthetically appealing.  That's the awesome part about having a blog, you guys are always so vocal about your likes and dislikes.    

That night I was invited to a fashion show sponsored by Grapevine Mills and Neiman's Last Call.  Those of you coveting designer shoes, I saw some Christian Louboutin's for $290...tre' affordable!  I even won a $1000 gift card through a raffle (Happy Birthday to me!).  I bought two $10 tickets and won! I almost lost my prize though.  In my own true nature of habitually losing things I could not find my ticket and they almost pulled another name.  I literally dumped my purse out on the runway and scrambled to find it.  I found it and now I foresee a shopping spree in my future. 
Plus Size Boutique, Dzire

Grapevine Mill Fashion Show, Vintage Dress
With fellow bloggers MaytedollIvonneStacey (love her!), Modish Means
Grapevine Mill Fashion Show, Vintage Dress
Outfit Logistics:  Dress - Vintage from Ose (Uh-Seh), Bag - Dzire Boutique $80 (gifted from owner for my bday 'tear') , Scarf - Nordstrom Rack 

I posted some of my favorite looks from the fashion show above.  The first look is from New York & Company. They usually go up to an 18.  The second look from Banana Republic Factory Store.  The third is from Forever21.  I tried to hunt down this jacket at the store because it looked so expensive.  It was a wrap and I new that was one regular sized piece that would work for me.  Unfortunately, the jacket wasn't from there and remains a mystery as to where it came from.  

Okay I know I won a $1000, but I still have to keep it real.  The fashion show was good, but I was disappointed that no plus size fashion was showed, especially since that Grapevine Mills has a lot of options.  I definitely plan on mentioning this to the PR team in hopes of them not totally forgetting about us next go round.

One last thing,  I'll be in Atlanta for a week starting Wednesday.  I want to have a Meet and Greet.  I'm thinking Thursday or Sunday -- wanted to know what day my Atlanta readers favored?   


  1. 1,000! That's AWESOme! It sucks they din;t have all this cool stuff when I lived in Dallas :(...Or maybe I was just unware.
    I love te looks you concocted, especially the mustard jeans...I have a yellow pair that I may can DIY to mustard or just get me a mustard pair...either way Im inspired. love the new look of your blog ma'am!

    1. Thank you!!! The changes aren't complete yet but its getting there

  2. I love the work you have done with the styling! I wish I could be living more close to you so you can help me change my style a bit! I'd love to have another (stylish) person opinion!

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

  3. Congratulations on winning a great prize! Love the look.

  4. Please help Chastity...I was browsing through your blog when I came across the black linked necklace you have with the grey outfit on. I had the exact same necklace years ago, but my daughter who was 5 months old at the time, ended up breaking it. I've been looking to replace that necklace ever since. Could you tell me how I could get hold of that necklace? Please e-mail me at

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