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Boutique to Know: Twelve24

Twelve24 is an Atlanta based boutique located in the historic district of Decatur.   The owners were gracious enough to let me hold a Meet & Greet there last week.   I had so much fun and you know me, I love to put together an outfit.  While there I played a little dress up with some of the pieces in the boutique.  It was great meeting everyone and sipping  sangria.  The boutique definitely had some interesting pieces and was home to some plus size brands that I had never even heard of.  I purchased a few pieces while there, including the white sequin top.  This combo top and skirt polka dot outfit also doubled for a ladybug costume that I took my niece & nephews in for trick or treating.  I just added antennas and black dot on my nose.  Anyways, I had an awesome time and I want to send out a thank you to everyone at Twelve24 boutique and everyone who came out.  

Twisted Vixen & I ~ Top & Skirt by JIBRI:  Top $80, Skirt $75

Sequin Top:  $30/Skirt - $150 ~ Both items from Twelve24

Party-goers included:  Everyday Runway, PlusMoreFashion & Designer La Krisha S. Joseph-Baker of Lavender Jungle (the designer of the red full length skirt)

Find and Follow Twelve24:
228 E Ponce De Leon Ave, Decatur, GA
Hours:  Weds - Sat 11-6


  1. Wow, that red skirt is amazing! I wish we had a store like this in Boston.

  2. Thank you for this new address in Atlanta! I will make sure to visit once I go to Atl for Christmas.

    I love the red skirt! Would love to wear it for an upcoming wedding. And of course: I love the Jibri outfit! Of course!

  3. Thank you, I live right here in Atlanta and did not know anything about this store I pass Decatur everyday I will spot by

  4. That red full skirt is how you styled really pull red off well.

  5. Great meeting you and thanks for the feature!!!

  6. Thanks ladies. There are more shots of the Red Ball Skirt at Thanks Chasity for showcasing it. It was good meeting you during the event.

    ~La Krisha JB~