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I've been looking for a long necklace forever.  Jewelry is one of those things that I take a lot of care in selecting.  It's so easy to get wrapped up into buying a bunch of junk that you won't ever wear.  I came across this necklace at H&M.  I was told it was supposed to be a belt.  I won't get into my personal pet peeves with chain belts.  I saw this and said this is the perfect combination of "rapperific" glam and statement hardware.  I will say that while wearing, I do feel the need to spit rhyming lyrical knowledge and to ride dirty or at least a little dusty.  I can't find my tag renewal sticker, so eat my dust Mr. Policeman.    

I wanted talk about some of the things I think about when selecting jewelry.

  • Don't overbuy.  Working with clients, I see that a lot of people overbuy.  I've seen bags and bags and bags of costumes jewelry spewing from everywhere.   Half of the items the person will never wear, which results in needless clutter and wasted money.
  • Buy through estate sales, thrift & vintage shops.  Looking for jewelry is one of my main goals in secondhand shops.  It's where you can find one-of-a-kind pieces, heirlooms, and jewelry that doesn't look like it was made on the assembly line in China. 
  • ❤ it!  This goes for anything you buy.  Stop buying things that you are in limbo about.  If you love it, buy it! If you only sorta kinda like it, leave it.  You'll save yourself money and space.  
  • Know what you have.  I generally focus on a particular item that I don't have and keep looking until I find the piece that is perfect for me.  I've been looking for a long statement necklace for over a year now. Now that I've found it, I'm checking it off and moving on to the next thing that I want to add.  
  • Be patient.  You ever just buy something because you haven't found the piece that you really want, but you feel you want to fill the void until you find the perfect thing.  This is how people end up with junk that they never really wanted in the first place.  Be patient.  It may take some time, but getting what you really want beats wasting money on a lack luster substitute.  
  • Price tag conquests.  You have come across the perfect piece of jewelry and the price tag is just too steep.   You can conquer this issue several ways.  I often wait out the pricing.  The necklace that I bought was originally $129 and I got it for $40.  I definitely didn't want to pay $129, so I waited.  The sales clerk informed me that all items were going on sale.  I just needed to wait a few days.  I waited a year to find this, so what's a few more days.  Use the money you saved from overbuying to buy the piece that you really want.  I hear clients say, "It was only $3, $5, or whatever."  Now you have over $100 worth of junk that you are never going to wear.  You could have bought that piece you really wanted with the money you saved from practicing jewelry buying abstinence. 

Outfit:  Sweater - H&M (plus size section) $30, Necklace - Anna Dello Russo for H&M $40, Boots - Torrid,  Jeggings - Torrid $40, Boots - Torrid $68, Lipstick - MAC Girl About Town $15


  1. I love this casual look because it is still dressy with the necklace!


  2. You make some really good points about buying jewellery, some things I really should keep in mind. Great necklace, love the sweater too.


  3. Loving this causal look! those boots are GREAT, as well as the necklace. Great tips too ;-)


  4. I love that sweater, I try to keep my jewelry to good pieces that I will use for years to come. Simple and sophisticated.

  5. Hey I just found your blog and I love it, but I have a question I keep seeing different plus divas talk abt h&m plus does the h&m in ny have a plus section? The one in Va doesn't and online there plus section is like 20 items

    1. Just saw this comment is super late, H&M does have plus sections in certain stores you have to call around to see which ones

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  7. Beautiful jewelry collection. Thank you for sharing this article.

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