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7 Minute Make-Up

Believe it or not, I do my daytime make-up in 7 minutes or less.  From a previous post, one of Pricilla Ono's rules was giving yourself enough time to get ready in the morning.  I know our lives are often hectic and sleep is precious, but this is definitely a rule I always follow.  I'm also realistic, as a I am probably the presiding chairman of the sleep lovers anonymous club. I know that spending two or more hours getting ready is not feasible for most.  Personally, I have my routine down to 1 hour of getting ready time.  I can shower, get dressed and put on my make-up in an hours time.  In the video below, I show you how I do my make up routine in under 7 minutes.  I will also include some tips on I get ready in an hour's time.

Tips for a polished, but quick execution
Have your items out and ready to go - Most of the time we use the same make-up. Lay those items out, so you don't have to go digging for them and wasting time looking for this or that.

Prep your face in the shower - You're killing two birds with one stone.  Just make sure you stick your face wash/exfoliant  in the shower with you, so that you can include you skin care.  Your pores will already be open from the steam and it will mean you won't have to wait for the water out of your sink to warm up.  

If possible lay your clothes out the night before - As with any lifestyle change this is that extra effort to help you be successful.  

If you can't lay your clothes out, mentally prepare you outfits in your head.   The mornings that I would be late would be when I didn't prepare my outfits in my head the night before.  I learned that if I'm too tired to prep my clothes at night that I should put an outfit together in my head, so I won't take up time trying to find something to wear and my bathroom won't be a wreck. 

Play upbeat music - I don't know about you guys, but a quick upbeat jam puts a pep in my step and helps me move quickly.  Remember that you are supposed to get ready and not dancing.  

Products Used 
Foundation ~ Dior AirFlash ~ 400
Foundation ~ Maybelline Dream Foam ~ Honey Beige
Highlight - MAC Marilyn Monroe Beauty Powder - Similar
Blush - Chanel  - Pink Explosion
Lipstick - Motive for LaLa - Nice
Gloss - Lamik - Hopscotch
Eyeliner - E.L.F - Ash


  1. Beautiful natural look! What brush did you use with the Dior AirFlash foundation?

    1. I used this one by MAC ~ http://rstyle.me/n/r6cujz4e

  2. I love your tips and its funny cause I actually do most of the things you suggest!

  3. I was just telling someone today about you. How every time I have seen you you have always been dressed to a T and makeup on point. The difference between popular blockers who tell people how to dress vs bloggers who really know how to dress. You can't tell me how to dress if you can't dress!!!!!!

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