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Sensationail Gel Nail Kit Review

I love looking at nail design and gel nail colors on my daily feed on Pinterest.  I recently went home to Brunswick, GA and my mom gifted me the Sensational Starter Gel Polish Kit from Walgreens (cost $59.99).  I had been coveting this set. I wanted to have the kit to put a gel overlay on any nail designs that I may get, so that they can last longer. Also, getting to the nail salon can sometimes be an inconvenience and this can get me through any off days. I had two chipped nails and wanted to re-do those nails.  Once I started found out, I found out the color wasn't the same as my original gel manicure.  The different gel shades actually look neat on  my fingers.

Sensational Gel Nail Kit Review

Sensationail Gel Nail Kit Review

Tips from my Instagram lovelies:

Do light coats - I learned this the hard way, my thumb looks a mess.  If you do too much it will be too thick.  
Cure your thumbs by themselves - The LED is only big enough for four fingers.
Have a friend help -  I'm not a good polisher with my left hand.  How you polish will reflect in your finished product.   Having someone help you will ensure you a better overall look.  The above hand I did was polished with my left hand.  :(
Colors are cheapest at Walgreens - I looked around online and found that the additional colors were cheaper at Walgreens for $11.99 per color.  You will get a $1 off coupon with your kit.   My mom actually works at a Walgreens and told me to look out for the Buy 1 get one 50% off sale.  

It works.  At the end you just wipe off and you are completely dry
Inexpensive compared those pricey gel manicures you get every couple weeks.
A nice selection of colors in the store. 
Uses LED light instead of the UV light.  UV is just like the light they use in tanning bed and is said to pose a  health risk.  As of now, no risks are associated the LED light.  

Kit only gives you sample size gel & polish - Good for only 10 manicures. You will have to buy extra.  
That LED burned a little.  It caught me off guard, not bad, but it was noticeable.
The lamp is small -- not big enough for you whole hand. 
If you're not ambidextrous, then you probably will need help with the 2nd hand.  

Overall, I really this this and would recommend it if you are looking for purchase a kit for yourself.   If you have any additional tips feel free to comment them below.  I'm sure you fashion sisters would appreciate it (me included). 


  1. I'm so glad you posted this! I've been looking at these for awhile because, yes, I Hate To fit in salon time. Not to mention the cost. Will try this!

  2. I need to gone and try this... U just love going to the mail shop...but one mani with this will pay for one trip to the salon.

  3. I have this kit and I love it. The colors are pricey but it's worth it. I never have time to go to the nail salon.

  4. I never knew their was LED lights for gel nails. I do the UV light one and I always wear gloves that I cut off the finger tips to provide some protections to my hands. Thank you for sharing. This turns out to be way cheaper than the salon manicures.

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    1. Yes they do! I googled uv lights on your hand b/c something about that didnt sound right -- My lady that does my hands uses the led.

  5. The polish can be found for under $10 at Walmart and Target. If you shop only generally has a sale plus you can add a code for an additional percentage off.

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