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Club Tropicana

plus size bikini, plus size swimwear, fatkini

Alright y'all, please bear with me.  I plan to post outfits and the details everyday from my Miami trip.  I did and wore so much it's kind of a whirlwind.  Let me just say how much I like visiting Miami, the water, people, and weather was beautiful.  Even though there was a cool wind I still was able to get much needed beach time.  The funny thing is every time I've been to Miami, I never seen downtown.  So night 1, we stayed at the lovely Hyatt Regency downtown and did much shopping and then switched over to the Beacon on Ocean Dr.  In tomorrow's post, I'll get more into the details of the hotels. 

Every year, I buy three swimsuits.  These year's will include two fatkinis and 1 full piece. I love vacationing during the summer and I like to have choices when I'm out.  My new swimsuits that I bought hadn't came in yet, so I actually shopped my own closet and created a new look.  I've had this top since 2011.  I bought it from an etsy seller (who doesn't exist anymore, but I found one with that you can order a similar top from).  I didn't wear it back then because, I ordered some bottoms with the suit and sewing work on the bottom portion of the suit was terrible, so I never wore it.  The top was just fine though, as you can see.  

Note:  A top like this has no support.  Even me, I still want some lift and roundness in my bust.  Fortunately, they sell strapless bras just for your swimsuit.  You can find those bras at OneStopPlus.  I do have a strapless bra with my suit.  The cups even dry fast right along with your swimsuit.  

Miami Beach, South Beach

plus size bikini, plus size swimwear, fatkini

Outfit:  Top - Etsy (similar and you can choose your own print), Bottom - Land's End (similar), Skirt - Curvy Valentine

plus size bikini, plus size swimwear, fatkini
A lot of the outfits I wore, were already posted on Instagram.  Check them out there, but I definitely will be posting on each look everyday this week.

My favorite vacation song. :)


  1. Im in love with this look Chastity, I tried looking for the top but the website was unavailable, u got killer curves

    1. Funny, I clicked the link and it went right to the top that I posted as similar. Thank you!! I would just try again b/c I'm having no issues.

  2. I love it, I commented on your facebook page, thanks for the inspiration! I'm very confident, this was the only area I wouldn't touch, swimming attire.

  3. You always look so beautiful. But I swear...your smile makes my day everytime I read your blog. I love your confidence and dedication to being and loving the skin your in.

    I'm totally rocking me a fatkini this year!!!

  4. i love your swimsuit! so girly & a little crazy ;) you've one of the best smile i have ever seen :)
    (sorry for my english- i'm polish) love your blog!

    ANECIA WAS HERE- more than passion ♥
    blog | facebook | twitter

  5. Im glad you are enjoying your trip to Miami. I cant wait to visit the states again! Im looking for some nice swimwear and I will certainly check out the sites!

  6. You look great. I'm not brave enough to wear a two piece, but you definitely rocked it.

  7. Agreed, Club Tropicana is the best vacation song ever!

  8. Where can I get a skirt like that at and what's name of it?

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