Maxin & Relaxin

While trying to get through this whole moving process, I have really been in casual and comfy mode with the my attire.  Sunday Brunch yesterday included a gifted dress from Rachel Pally.  My husband loved this dress. I thinks he likes to see me be more relaxed like he is..LOL.  Anyways, I'm hoping to get back to regular me by next week.  I thought I'd share a few of my notations on the Bay area so far. 

Things I've learned about California so far:
  • Gnats and mosquitoes vacation here. 
  • I live around the corner from Samsung, but my Galaxy S3 won't get a signal to save my life
  • Calories are listed on every single item in every restaurant - which just makes you want to ditch eating all together - It should be a punishable offense to list the calories at Cold Stone Creamery. 
  • Steve Jobs (RIP) used to live here, I just know it
  • People walk a lot here.
  • I am at the mercy at nail shops, if they don't feel like doing something then they won't - No polish changes for me.
  • People swim when it's cold outside -- for real. I see them at the pool and I'm wearing a jacket.
  • Safeway is wayyyy too expensive.  Everything you pick up is $5.  I was fooled, it sounded cheap.  I may have to end my strike against Walmart.
  • Gas is almost $5/gallon. BLASPHEMY! (No wonder everybody is walking)
  • Everybody here is an engineer, which makes everyone smarter than me.  I don't know how I feel about this (as I shamefully shove my liberal arts masters in a deep dark corner of my closet.  No need to further embarrass myself).  
Style Note:  Sometimes looks like these can make people feel too dressed up.  Adding a denim jacket on top of maxis, long skirt, and dresses in general can help you feel more casual, but still put together.  I wore this to brunch, but then threw a denim jacket on and took wore it to the grocery store.  Sidenote:  Denim jackets are great items to thrift, if you are looking for a budget friendly option.  Don't be afraid to visit the men's section for one, as well.  

Outfit:  Dress - RachelPally, Jacket - similar, Sandals - Talbots