Moving Woes

JIBRI, Plus size peplum dress, plus size clothing
So I've arrived in California and have been having the most horrific time so far.  My husband and I contracted with Green Van Lines, to move our stuff.  They came and picked up last Wednesday, now it's Friday and we are finally getting our things.   We paid a pretty hefty penny to have our items packed and shipped, so please excuse me if I expect them to exceed or at least meet the expectations they set.  Well they missed their ETA, because of a mechanical issue with the truck.  How exactly this is my problem I don't know.  At the very least I expect the company to have working trucks, it's a moving company right?!?   So besides having slept on an air mattress for the last 5 days, why am I irritated?  Hmmm, my husband starts Monday and took an additional week off to help unpack and relax before he starts his job.  That's out the flipping window.  I've been wearing the same 2 outfits for 7 days now, did I mention the air mattress that not only hurts my back, but make me sweat, and to add insult to injury I've been without internet because the cable company won't connect the cable and internet without having anything to connect to.   Top it all off with have a terrible phone signal which may cause me to break up with Sprint after 10 years.   I tell you one thing, we will probably move again and I will not be using this  Green Van Lines again for our next move.   My irritation with moving process is this, you get quotes on moving your apartment and these companies literally hound you every waking moment of every day until you decide what company to go with.  Of course they will promise you the world and tell you how reliable and fantastic they are while they are getting your money from you.  Then when it comes to finishing the job, they hand you a bunch of excuses.  You know these people had the nerve to tell me there was nothing they could do.  Well I could have saved my chunk of change and packed my own crap.  Note: If this was a regular conversation I have some extremely harsh language!   (I hope I don't sound like some brat with first world problems, but I mad as hell.)

Yes, I love my dress, but I'm sure if you can see the irritation on my face through these pictures.   JIBRI hooked me up with this fabulous dress for Miami.  I traveled with it for my nights in Vegas and anything I would have to that I may need a dress for upon arrival.  I'm actually looking into some job opportunities and thought this was could be a fab interview dress or a night time dress depending on the shoes.  

***Update:  My husbands TV was shattered from the inside.  The reason for the having GreenVanLines pack up our apartment was just to make sure his TVs were packed correctly.  He loves those TVs.  So irritated!!!

Outfit:  Dress - JIBRI, Shoes - JCPenney, Belt - Michael Kors