Rue107 for Plus Sizes

I saw a photo of a person a follow on Instagram in these swimsuits and thought is Rue107 offering plus sizes?  I've been involved in my own life, but then a reader sent me the link to the Stylish Curves blog on these pieces.  I thought, I've got to blog, I've been waiting for Rue107 to extend their sizes.  I know a lot of plus girls that could work their XL have been, because I've seen the photos over Tumblr.  Brava to Rue107. I've been looking at their pieces for over a year now and they are absolutely the perfect party girl pieces.  On top of everything, there are fatkinis galore...LOL.  Sizes go up to a 3X and prices are generally all under $100.  One of those fatkinis have my name all over it.  Happy Shopping!