World Famos Khatu

Plus size crop top, crop top, Black and white
I know a lot of you saw this outfit on Instagram and Facebook as I purchased this specifically for my Miami vacay.  I actually pre-shot this with Los Angeles based fashion photographer, Famos of World Famos.  I was even the first female "model" he has ever shot with.  I'm totally in love with work and had so much fun shooting with him.  You know I love a twinsey, so I added in a couple more ways that you could break up the combo.  

I know yall have been wanting to know the answer to the big question.  Where did this come from?  Well a few months ago I on Instagram, one of my favorite sraight size fashion bloggers to follow, Ivonne Stacey, posted a photo of this outfit on her Instagram.  It turns out that this was blogger, I am Khatu's, amazing work.  I'm telling you, you never know if you can get something unless you ask.  I was a little nervous about asking her to duplicate this look in my size, because I wasn't straight size and I knew my measurements may be a little difficult to work with.  Khatu and I are totally on opposite ends of the size spectrum in size, height, body weight, and body type.  I have also had experience where the designer won't make something over a certain size and has declined my sale.  This wasn't the case.  She was super sweet and easy to work with and the turnaround time was really quick.  She requested about 8 different measurements from me.   She sent over a picture diagram of what measurements to take. It couldn't have fit more perfect.  I was so excited to wear and had to wait almost two whole months until I took my vacation and the weather was warm enough.  Yes I have had this for almost two months!  My number one rule is never wait to the last minute to plan your looks for an upcoming event.   

Note:  This is a full custom job.  From the length of the breast cups to the length of the skirt.  You will have to provide 8 - 10  different measurements.  You may want to have a friend help you.  These pieces have NO stretch or give.  The measurement you put down is what you will get.  If you plan on wearing a bra (I am not), then take your bust related measurements with the bra on.  You can also decide on whether to have the back closed  (see instagram picture below).  My back was closed.  I actually used this top as a swimwear top while in Miami.  It was warm, but that water was freezing.  I had to plans to put more than my toes in.  

Update* This is an older post and the black and white look is gone, but find a similar look here

Outfit:  Twinsey - Khatu Etsy, Pants - Macys, Skirt - Nordstrom, Blazer - Macys Similar, Shoe 1 - Payless, Shoe 2 - Guess (similar), Shoe 3 - Jeffery Campbell (similar), Bun - Asos, Earrings - Roman Luxe

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