Blogging with Purpose

As I reflect on the last few weeks and take into account emails that I often get from aspiring bloggers, I can say that sometimes I am a little disappointed with integrity of some.   Let me explain.  For most of us who started this blogging journey around 5 years ago, we didn't know that it would create any revenue, popularity, or have the potential to become a full time blog.  I feel like, for the most part, we all started these blogs to have a voice, express our love for fashion, and to help people.  The thought that we could possibly change an entire industry and give plus size a voice was unprecedented and uncharted territory.  This was all done with any hope of ever receiving a dime, at least in my mind. 

London Times, Plus Size
(I shot this some time ago, but wasn't crazy about the look.  So many of you posted interest in the dress from Instagram I decided to post it.  You can find the dress here.  

Blogging, especially plus size blogging, has grown such a substantial amount that it affords many of us the opportunity to actually support ourselves and do something that we absolutely adore.   Questions that often plague my inbox are “How do I get free clothes?” if “I start a blog, Can I get x,y, & z, ?“  or “How can I make money?” (Please note that I have found that rarely is something ever free.)  I am often plagued with SPAM, Facebook tags by businesses, and email after email of people trying to take advantage of me, my readers, and the traffic that I have rightfully earned through nothing else but dedication.  So many blogging etiquette boundaries are crossed even from my own peers. I turn down a lot of opportunities just for the sheer fact that I don’t believe in the product and that I won’t pimp out my readers.
So how do you build a successful blog?  I have heard so many try to quantify this response.  You can do the SEOs, the social media tips, and for some you can even buy some of your influence.    Some of those has some validity, but for me, I blog from the heart.  My mission has always been to dispel the myth that plus size women can’t be stylish.  That’s it.  To me, a blogger’s purpose is so transparent and can easily be seen from the largest to the smallest of blogs.   I can always see when someone is being sincere or when someone is an opportunist.  A good example of this is the person trying to you to post a photo of you and them so they can take advantage of your social media traffic (side eye).  I love the opportunities that I get from blogging and I am always happy to see my colleagues shine as well.  

Do opportunities just fall out of the sky?  For me, they don’t.  I fight for a lot of the things I get.  There are a lot of days I want to press the delete button on my own blog from pure frustration and then there are days where I’m just amazed at what just happened.    My best advice is to be genuine, consistent, and have patience.