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Vivian Ward

Pretty Woman, Polka Dot Dress, Plus Size Fashion
I'm going to try and keep up with the blogging as I am in NYC.  I am using phone photos, so please bear with me.  Today I had a pretty full day attending bloggers events for Torrid, Evans/Dorothy Perkins, getting a private showing at Rachel Pally, and attending the Bloomingdale's Fashion Show.   Today's dress comes from plus size designer, JIBRI.  When I saw it I totally thought of the dress Julia Roberts wore as Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman.  I channeled that in the styling complete with white gloves.  It is utterly amazing.  I blogged a while  back and decided to get this to wear to FFFWeek.   I can't say enough about this dress.  Also, Dorothy Perkins had some really amazing pieces that l'll definitely be looking out for.  

The first and only event I attended thus far that was officially apart of FFFWeek was the Bloomingdale's Fashion Show.  I must say that I was a bit disappointed with it.   I so looked forward to it, because Bloomingdales has such an awesome plus size section online.    Unfortunately, the event started over an hour late, I was unable to find seating, standing room was overcrowded and I really could't see anything (or get any photos for that matter), and from what I saw I was underwhelmed.   The limited seating I can attribute to being a complimentary event.   The clothing that was shown, I thought, was not exciting and wasn't styled in appealing way to make you want to buy the product.  Honestly, of all the fabulous things I have seen on their site, they picked some of the most boring pieces.  It seemed so typical plus size.  In my head, I thought we were pass that phase,  I guess not.   Tomorrow in is the indie show.  I am definitely looking forward to an awesome fashion show and new designers.   It was also so much fun to connect with plus size bloggers.  It's always like a family reunion. 

Style Note:  In the photos below, I am seen with fabulous Kate Spade bags and a Ralph Lauren Jacket from Lord & Taylor.  If you are in NYC, the Lord & Taylor in NYC is really nice.  I often see plus size sections neglected, but not there.  

Pretty Woman, Polka Dot Dress, Plus Size Fashion
Clutch - Kate Spade, Jacket - Lord & Taylor, OffWeGo Clutch - Kate Spade, Dress - JIBRI, Gloves - similar found here


  1. You look lovely as usual, love the polka dots dress in that colour! x

  2. That dress is just gorgeous! I remember that dress from Pretty Woman being my favorite of the whole film. I hope you have a great time in NYC!

  3. LOVE the cute! And I love the FFFW pics. Keep 'em coming!


  4. It was a pleasure to meet you, I too was very disappointed in the show, I was really stunned :(

    I really really appreciate your authenticity.
    PS you are so fab!