Celebrity Style Capture: Mrs. Carter

Beyonce Style, Beyonce, Rachel Pally Jumpsuit
I think Blue Ivy decided who got Beyonce tickets by singing "eenie meenie minie moe," pointing at the computer, and wherever her little finger landed that's who got those tickets. Blue didn't pick me. Sigh! Some of you have been so great to tape the portions of the concert and post them on Instagram.  I'm jealous that you got to go, but happy that you guys shared your videos.  

I'm love this jumpsuit gifted to me by Rachel Pally.  I could literally live my life in it.  I've probably thrown it on every other day this week.  Don't judge me! It's so comfortable and can easily be dressed up or down.  You can find it here.  I wore this past weekend to the movies, but I could totally throw on a pair of heels and maybe a blazer go for a night out.  I adore jumpsuits, but they can be the devil when it comes to the ladies room.  I went to see, Let Me Explain, this weekend. (I give it a B-.)  I have learned, when it comes to wearing jumpsuits to accept:

  • that I am going to have to get naked in the restroom - I hope nobody looks through that crack in the stall.  
  • to not wait until the last minute, because that could end up in disaster.
  • to keep the drinking to a minimal.
  • ...and finally, to always go before you get dressed, if even you don't think you have to.  

Style Note:  I do have on a capri foundation while I'm wearing this jumpsuit.  The material is a super soft jersey. I live in the Bay area now, so temperature (for the most part) is just right.  The jumpsuit is fairly thin, so it wasn't hot wearing my foundation.  You could totally do it without, but I worn it without one to make a quick run.  The material combined with the pattern is pretty concealing in the leg area.  As said before, I don't like that jiggly feeling, so I would rather pair mine with a foundation.  
Beyonce Style, Beyonce, Rachel Pally Jumpsuit

Beyonce Style, Beyonce, Rachel Pally Jumpsuit
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