Shopping Straight (Part II)

My previous post was on how to shop straight size.  I had a reader ask me to post an outfit in regular sizes, so she could see the fit on a plus size woman. (Please note that depending on size/weight/height variations a garment may fit me differently then it fit you.) I often incorporate straight sizes in my posts, but I never just outright say this is plus or this is straight.   Everything on this post is from the regular size section.   I wore this to breakfast with my visiting sister-in-law.  I love these shoes and loved them with this outfit this morning while looking in the mirror.  After seeing the photos, I feel like I could have made a better shoe choice.  Cher said not to trust those mirrors.  Anyways, I adore these shoes and they are incredibly comfortable to walk in.  I hope they make more colors.  Some of you may recognize them as being very similar to the Valentino shoe that has been circulating Pinterest forever.  I wanted those for so long, but as most of you know designer shoes rarely fit wide feet.  Unfortunately for me , Fred Flintstone and I from the ankle down could be twins.  

Style Note:  This Asos skirt is so adorable and even cuter in person.  Those polka dots are transparent.  The lining of the skirt is a little short, because it is meant for a person size 14.  I like the shortness, because it brought out the transparency of the polka dots.   The size chart says the waist of this skirt should fit up to a 35 inch waist.  My waist hovers between a 38 and 42.  That's depending on how much of a good girl I am.  HA!  The waist had a little bit of give.   Oh and total for this outfit (skirt, shoes, and belt) is $71.  I felt like I needed to shout out that inexpensive find.     

Outfit:  Skirt - Asos, Top - Asos, Shoes - Torrid, Belt - Target

*Update:  No sooner do I post about this skirt, it soon sells out in the size 14.  Here are some other options that I think will work.