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Gwynnie Bee Review

Recently, I've started started using Gwynnie Bee.  For those who haven't heard of the site. Gwynnie Bee is like Netflix for plus size clothing.   I'm on the 3 piece plan ($79/month), which allows me to get 3 pieces per shipment with unlimited swaps.  You can literally wear and switch out clothing all month long.  I took two weeks to really try out the program and get a feel for how it works, so I could deliver a full report on my experience.  

I'm always asked, how can I be fashionable on a dime.  I honestly can't think of a better way than joining Gwynnie Bee.  You can swap clothing out month long and literally have something new to wear every time you step out.  Who doesn't love to have new clothing on. Their most popular program is 3 pieces for $79/month with unlimited swaps.  Moving to the very expensive Bay area, Gwynnie Bee has definitely allowed me to stretch my clothing budget.  

One Hit Wonders
I'm the worst when it comes to wearing items one time and never looking back.  I think it's the curse of loving fashion.  I wear something then I'm ready to move on the the next thing. Gwynnie Bee allows you to keep your closet clear of one-hit wonders, saving you both money and closet space.  

Borrowed Clothing
At first, I didn't know if Gwynnie Bee was for me.  The wearing borrowed clothing thing made me apprehensive.  What got me over this hurdle is a few of factors.  One, I wear foundations, so most of my clothing barely even touches my bare skin and I shop thrift.  Thrift is probably the worst of "pre-worn" clothing in terms of smell and cleanliness, but as long as you wash or get it dry cleaned then it's fine.  Lastly, I really went and read about their cleaning process. They go through a thorough inspection of items and retire items that no longer meet their high standards.  I've gotten a total of two boxes in so far and the clothing is in like new condition and smells good (Yes, I smelled the clothing).

Gwynnie Bee claims that with could get up to 12 new pieces per month to wear.  I agree.  I got some pieces shipped them back and in 2 days I had new pieces in my mailbox.  You can tell the site that you have shipped back, so that they can prepare your new shipment which allows a quicker turnaround of your new items.  They also provide pre-paid shipping bags, which allows you to easily mail back your items.  

Knowing Your Brands
Most plus size shopping happens online, Gwynnie Bee allows you to try items with no risk. You can get an idea of the sizing and try new brands.

Free 30 Day Trial
I think the best part thing is that Gwynnie Bee gives you a free 30 day trial  You can try it out and see if the program is for you.   I can tell you my experience, but this gives you a chance to have your own.  You can get you free 30 day trial here.    

Style Note:  My sister is visiting from San Diego.  She's a MAC makeup artist and brought me so many goodies, including a limited pink lipstick called Silly.  It's so pretty.  I'm also really digging the double cuff trend.  As one who has always had larger wrists, finding bracelets that fit is always a task.  Cuffs are always the perfect solution, because you can bend them to accommodate your wrist size.  Lulu Avenue generously provide these amazing cuffs.  I think they are my new favorite accessory.  Wondering about my foundation?  I'm doing a special dedicated post this week.   Stay tuned. 
Gwynnie Bee Review, Asos Curve Dress

Gwynnie Bee Review
 Outfit:  Dress - GwynnieBee, Cuffs - Lulu Avenue, Shoes - Nordstrom Rack, Lipstick - MAC Silly

Membership to Gwynnie Bee courtesy of GwynnieBee. Cuffs courtesy of Lulu Avenue.  As always, opinions are my own.