Turn Down For What?

Denim from Torrid
Some of you saw this via Instagram, but can you believe I bought all that stuff at Target (after only going in there for 3 things) and didn't come out with one thing for dinner.  When my husband came home, I threw my hands in air and said we are going out to eat.  I'm not going back to the store and you can't make me...LOL.  Anyways,  if you not proportionate, like myself, sometimes tops can be a beast, especially if you want to wear them tucked out.  I had a "make it work" moment that I thought was worth sharing.  It can be a struggle with structured shirts and getting them to fit both the top and bottom half.  In tops like these, I usually get the the average size between the top and bottom.  I would have worn a 1X in the bust and a 3X if I wanted it to fit the hips, so I chose a 2X.  With choosing the 2X there was the look of a struggle on that last button that was across the hips and right over the bottom tummy.  I decide to make it work by belting and blousing the top.  Worked like a charm.  I'm sure that last button thanked me.  He didn't want to hold on for dear life while we were at dinner.  

Style Note:  I am actively working on being better at casual.    I'm including more denim and working on how I can still make work with my own personal style.  I'm a more of a dressed up person, so I still want to add that element to my look.  Adding in a scarf is just the thing to give that feel of fancy.  Scarves so easily can take a plain everyday look to the next level. Add in your pops of color or funky prints through wearing scarves and watch the knob on your look "turn up."  

Oh and if you didn't see yesterday, enter the Read in Style giveaway. ICU Eyewear is giving away 1000 spiffy spectacles to the first 1000 entrants.  A lot of my readers have already won them.  I plan to use mine as frames and switch in my prescription lenses.  You can enter here.  Check out rest of the details in the previous post.  
Denim from Torrid, Plus Size Jeans

Denim from Torrid, Plus Size Jeans, Torrid
Outfit: Top - Calvin Klein (similar), Scarf - H&M, Denim - Torrid, Shoes - Christian Siriano for Payless (similar), Lipstick - MAC Angel

Denim courtesy of Torrid.