Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Skirt | Wig | Top | Boots | Lipstick | Fishnets | Fanny Pack

Halloween is upon us and this is one of my favorite times of year.  The best part, for me, is just being able to be creative and take things to the extreme.  Since I am fashion oriented, I put together a few costume fashion centered ideas that I thought of for Halloween.  I'm not sure if I'll be dressing up this year (Boo-hooo).  As of now I don't have anywhere to go.  Woes of being somewhere new, but I think my pick is Versace's Medusa.  

Breakfast at Tiffany's - You always see tradition Holly Golightly in in the black dress, but I wanted to do something a little different from the movie. Remember the scene when  Holly answering the door after a night of partying.  She has on the most adorable men's tuxedo shirt, sleep mask, and ear plugs.  Holly is barefoot in this scene, but I think velvet slippers would complete the look.  They kind of look like bed slippers, but they are shoes.  I think regular slippers could get nasty by the end of the night.  Don't want to wear you bare legs, slip on nude hosiery.

Versace's Medusa Emblem - I actually got this idea from Jay Miranda on Instagram.  I was trying on the Medusa wig from the Chris Marsh Halloween Collection.  In my head, Versace's Medusa (as a woman) is gold.  I mean all gold errrthang!!!  Since the wig is green, I would paint with gold fabric spray paint.  I would wear tons of heavy jewelry with the lion head or medusa.  I saw a lot of cheap pieces on Ebay and Etsy.  If you have access to wholesale places, you should probably go to one of those shops.  You can get lots of gold jewelry inexpensively.  You could paint your whole face gold as well, but that could be break out city.  Eek!  I would just stick with regular gold make-up.

Betsey Johnson - I'm a fan of her show.  She's so all over the place, but in a good way. Love her.  Betsey loves her stripes and her tulle skirts.  Anyways,  first off you need to grab a pair of scissors and go to town on that wig. Betsey Johnson hair is extremely unevenly cut.  I would just take small section and cut them in all different lengths.  Don't go too crazy and cut the wig too short.  Just crazy uneven is the key.  I would also add in a really dark smokey eye with HEAVY eyeliner and mascara.  You can also add in tons of colorful bracelets.    You may want to steer clear of the feeling to do any splits. 

Plus Size Costume Tips - For inexpensive parts of your costume make sure you check your Goodwill, Salvation  Army, & Thrift stores FIRST!  Second, Halloween costumes can be barely there with extremely short hemlines, bare midriffs, and low necklines.  If you are not comfortable, but still like the costume don't be afraid to modify.  One year I was a playboy bunny and I don't do bare legs, so I added in a pair of leggings, a camisole or anything else that will make you more comfortable.  In the case that you don't have time to create your own costume, here are some fun options below.  Don't see something you like, a simply google plus size halloween costumes.  There are a whole bunch of options out there.  Happy Halloween.  


  1. I love Halloween too but I haven't dressed up in a few years. Thanks for the tips I love the Betsey Johnson look!

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  4. I was Nicki Minaj this weekend and it was fabulous... but my job is making me wear a Tinkerbell costume because we're doing a theme thing.
    There is no such thing as plus size Tinkerbell costumes... help Chastity pleaaase :(

    1. All you need is a green strapless dress.then find a wing set. Check out target...there is one is plus size. Cut the bottom like tinkerbell's and wah la!

  5. I love the Betsy Gordon looks and thanks for sharing where the best place to buy costumes for plus size in CA. More power to your site and keep posting.

  6. Beautiful fashion collection. Thank you for sharing this post.

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