8 Chic Flats

Flat shoes, Piperlime, Payless, Victoria Secret

Can you be fashionable and stylish and wear flats?  You could propose the same question or the same doubt in reference to plus size. We've proven that wrong. I've had people (both online & offline) actually try to make me feel like less than a fashionable person because my shoe choices lack a heel or have a very low heel. When I started this blog in 2008 I had sustained a torn ACL injury and because I had time on my hands it was one of the reasons I started the blog. One year later, I had surgery to repair it. My knees and my balance will never be the same. I had to come to terms with that.  Before that I loved a high heel.  Four or five inches plus a platform was my drug of choice.  I stomped around the streets of Atlanta in all my vertical glory being over 6 feet tall once I added my shoes in.  I wore heels from the age of 22 to 27.  In that time, I have messed up my toe situation.  Add in two very painful hammer toes and corns to match, because of me trying to put on shoes that were too narrow for my size 11 wide feet.  I have a list of other friends (big and small) with heel related foot injuries.  I'm not against heels in any way, shape, or form, but some of us just can't wear them...no matter how beautiful they are. 

So many of us, including myself, stake our beauty in things like hair, makeup, body shape, and high heels.  Contrary to what you may believe, you are fabulous without these things.  I promise! For most of us there will come a day when we have to retire the heels.  Does that mean that we can no longer be beautiful? I cut my own hair just to make sure that I was still beautiful without it.  You know what? I still was.  The same with high heels.  Some of you may have the Tina Turner high heel gene, but for the rest of us there will be a retirement day.   I know that beauty is pain, but that foot pain is probably the worst.  For me, it's unbearable.  

I wrote this one for all the girls who can't wear heels, but still want to feel and look fabulous.  I picked out 8 pairs of flats that are on my wish-list and some that I've just purchased.  Because I am quite aware that a fabulous flat shoe is hard to find, I'm really selective in the flats I do purchase.  This means that I don't have a slew of shoes in my closet and when I find the perfect one I am often getting them repaired for longevity.  I do want to send a special shout out to my readers who compliment my shoe selections, because I do live in sort of a fashion world, I am always conscientious about my flat shoes. I'm usually one of the very few girls in a room in flats, it's nice to hear that someone likes my shoes.