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Jennifer Beal Realness for Halloween

Flashdance Pet Costume
This year I really wanted to go as Versace's Medusa, but time got away from me.  I didn't do any of the ordering and all I was doing was handing out candy anyway. I really just pulled my look together from stuff I had around the house. After years of fighting with my husband about dressing up, I have had to move on and subject the dog to my love for Halloween.  The flashdance costume is a very popular one, so I wanted to put some sort of twist on it.  Shug and I went as twinsies with matching shag haircuts....LOL. Shug is clearly the star of this duo.  Needless to say she was not very happy about this.  She was extremely moody all day.  I got her dressed before I got dressed and when I say I stood there and laughed at my poor Shug for 15 minutes, by myself in my apartment.  Tears literally streamed down my face.  I sent a picture to my husband, he called me horrified.  He has fought for years to keep Shug out a costume.  He lost this year. 
Flashdance Pet Costume, Plus Size Halloween Costume Flashdance


  1. When I saw this on IG I cracked up!! LOL!! The curly hair on Shug just ain't right!!!

  2. Too freaking adorable. Your dog is totally not here for that costume.

  3. OMG! Love this! Your dog, however, is not feeling the love! :-)


  4. Omg that's amazing!!!! Hahahahaha I love flashdance... not sure she does though :P xx

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