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Flawless 13

As 2013 comes to a close, I wanted to recap my 13 favorite flawless looks from this year.  The looks that I know if I saw on the street would make me turn my head.  It takes a lot to turn my head.  I never really figured out if that was a good or bad thing, but it is what it is.  These looks (in no particular order) had my jaw on the floor....literally on the floor.  

So wait, is Allison McGuevna (both blogger & model) just going to do it like this.  Now this is how you wear undergarments as clothing.  In my head, she's the plus size Marilyn Monroe.  She just oozes sexy.  The thing is just from the few times I've met her it's a very natural sexy.  It's just there.  I warn you not look directly into her eyes. LOL...just kidding.  

I love when a blogger surprises me. You think you've got their style pegged and then they totally switch it on you.  Marie from The Curvy Fashionista has upped the ante with recent looks and this one slayed! 

A blogger that needs no introduction, Gabifresh was simply flawless in this look...and I was here for  ALL. OF. IT.  She is the reason I bought this jacket (at full price - I might add).  The thing I love about this look is that she took pieces that could all be the focus of this look and harmoniously combined them all.  This could have been too much, but on Gabifresh is was perfection.  

Amarachi Ukachu, Stripe shorts & blazer, plus size fashion, DIY
I died a little on the inside when I saw Amarachi Ukachu in this look.  To top it all off, she made it!! She made it, I said!!! It's perfect, she's perfect and did you see those legs?  

And I Get Dressed, Leopard, Tweed, plus size fashion
Kellie from And I Get Dressed snuck in the door and I didn't even see her come in.  She just came out the box with fabulous imagery and outfits.   We have tweed, gray leopard, red lips, and a natural crowning glory.   

Plus size dress, Houndstooth, Moxie, Maxi dress
My blogger boo, From Rez to the City, serving it all to you, on a silver platter, with the finest of golden forks.  Take it all in. 

Beuticurve, Leopard, Neutral, plus size fashion
All I know is that I saw this outfit on Instagram from Beauticurve.  I mean could a neutral look get any better than this. 

Nicolette Mason, Mynt 1792, Moto Jacket
Let's also talk about this jacket that she designed.  I'm gonna need  you to take it's components. CROPPED. BLUSH. MOTO. Then add in the hair, lipstick, and shoes.  #swoon.  I have always subscribed to the school of that thought that taste cannot be bought.  I think it's something you can hone and cultivate, but it's something that either you have or you don't, but if I could buy it I would be first in line to purchase some from Nicolette Mason

I love to see plus size girls in white and Everything Curvy & Chic is no exception.  I remember seeing this jumpsuit and thinking it was adorable, but wondering could someone really pull it off.  Well this blogger shut me up.  I saw this casually stroll through my Instagram feed this summer and never doubted the power of the fabulous again.  

Nadia Aboulhsn delivers monochromatic perfection.  It's not enough that I am obsessed with the this wine color, but the blouse, the bra, and the perfectly fitting pencil pants.  This is just fashion insanity.  

Linda from A Fat Girl's Blues KILLED this look.  I swear to y'all  I bought this look both the the top and bottom and I looked like a bag of skittles had thrown up on me.  Linda wears it and looks absolutely flawless.  This was definitely a look from 2013 that bookmarked in my brain.  

Sometimes it's the simplest looks that cause the biggest uproar.  This photo, from Jay Miranda, is still floating around Pinterest and every time I see it I love it! Oh and did I mention she had recently given birth.  FLAWLESS!

So y'all know me. LOL.  I know this looks was one of the last looks of the year, but I think it's my absolute favorite.  I had quite a few that I loved this year, but this one took the cake for me. 

This is only 13, but honestly there were so many that were fabulous. If nothing else, this post proves is that plus size is bringing it fashion-wise and continues to get better every year.  My mouth has watered over every one of these.

Final Notes on my 2013: 

2013 was good and bit rough on me this year.  My husband and I literally packed up our lives and moved alllllll the way over to the west coast in a month.  It was between Atlanta & Cali.  I had gotten my hopes all up to move back to the place that I call home, but it didn't work out that way.  As person who doesn't deal well with extreme change just know my stomach was literally in knots for months.  Once again, we were having to start over in a new place and I was further away from my family than I had ever been.  Even though I was fighting this move internally, I knew I had to be strong for my husband.  I waited to spaz out after all of our things were moved in an unpacked.  I had one tantrum (LOL) and then I accepted the move and moved on. Honestly, I felt like there was a reason I was supposed to be in California and slowly, but surely that reason has become more apparent and clear. 

The second half of 2013 was all me.  I've gotten so many awesome opportunities this year.  I've also meet some really cool people.  I can say California has been really good to me and Garnerstyle. I have high hopes for 2014.  As I push into the next calendar year, I have my professional goals set.  


  1. Yas to all of these looks. there were some of my favorites this year too.

  2. I fell back in Love with all these looks again! I love your holiday look you chose for yourself. I'm so happy you're in the Bay Area.

  3. Love these looks, especially the first and Jay Miranda's!

    Fashionable, sexy ladies all around!


  4. Clapping Hands... these girls killed it! Definitely feeling inspired to be more adventuruosly fashionable. And check this I just moved from Cali to the ATL. Packed up my three babes and drove the 2200+ miles over the summer. It was by far the hardest thing I have ever done.

    1. Wow!!!!! you got me beat...i didn't have any kids to pack up and bring. ..just the dog lol

  5. I'm loving all these "Best of 2013" outfit posts I'm seeing. You've picked such fierce, feminine, and chic looks, and your outfit fit rights in there with the best of them! I'm definitely going to try to recreate some of the bolder and sexier looks you've compiled here. And I'm totally going to collect my favorite blogger looks over this next year to do a similar post next holiday season. Happy New Year!


  6. GREATEST compilation!!! Keep doing what you do darling!! You're ruly one of the best!

  7. Every lady on your list if FAB!! I need to get it together, so I can be on your top 14 for next year! lol! ;)

  8. Love your roundup! Indeed, flawless.
    In particular, I wish I could imitate Jay Miranda's fantastic style, and Allison McGuevna and The Curvy Fashionista are amazing!