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Now, Swap It Out!

So I'm pumped about this.  I felt bad that the sequins dress was sold out when I posted it and I was thinking about how can I give mine away.  I'm constantly bringing new things in and this item, for me, was a wear it once type of deal.  I've worn it, I loved it, now it's time to give it a new home.  So when Swapdom approached me to write about their new website, I thought this the perfect opportunity to swap some of my old fun stuff, including my Christmas Card Dress, for some new fun stuff.  

Swapdom is a free swapping site that allows you to exchange your items for some new.  This isn't your traditional swapping though.  Swapping is done in a round robin fashion.  See the illustration below. 
Why is this awesome? 

  • Well first off it's free to swap and you are swapping items you already have. The only thing you pay for is the shipping.  For those of us on a budget or looking for ways to save money this offers an awesome alternative to shelling out cash.  (I think Christmas has me shopped out LOL.)
  • Swapdom does all the work for you.  Just list the items you want to swap, search community items, request which ones you want, and watch the magic happen.  
  • From a plus size perspective, this is a real gem.  Since we are a largely online shopping community that can sometimes get stuck with items that we don't want.  This offers a place to exchange some of those items and get something that will work.  Imagine a community full of plus size swappers with fabulous items up for grabs.  Who doesn't love that?!? 
  • Searching for plus size items are made easy, once you're registered and start a swap, you can filter by size. All you do is click on "start a swap" then browse or search for items you want and offer yours in exchange.
Get in on the swapping here by joining Swapdom today!

Sequins Dress:  As seen in the Christmas Card Post - Find it on Swapdom here
Dress originally from eShakti - Find it on Swapdom here

Striped Dress: As seen in the Reddy Post - Find it on Swapdom here

The post was sponsored by Swapdom, opinions are 100% my own.  


  1. I wish i could swap something but my closet in not even good enough :'(

    1. You need to stop it...Do you have any accessories or shoes. There are kinds of items on Swapdom

  2. Thanks for featuring swapdom! I've been a member, and I have wanted to use it for a while, but there hasn't been anything on there that I wanted to swap for! Coming after your green dress!!! :)

    1. There is tons of good plus size stuff on their now. Quite a few people have put up some fab item!!! So pumped!

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  4. I think this is a great idea! This really gives me incentive to clean out my closet and make some decisions. Thanks so much for the post.

  5. What a great idea! I didn't know there was something like this.
    By the way, you look great in that left dress, the colors remind me of a mermaid :)

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