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Dinner at Bergdorf's

Scatter my ashes at Bergdorfs, Bergdorfs

It all began with Sarah from StyleIt asked me, "Have you ever been to Bergdorf's?" While breakfast will always be had at Tiffany's, dinner has to be had a Bergdorf's.  I went to my first show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this year, but I must say this highlight runs a 2nd to my first experience visiting Bergdorf's.  On the many trips I have made to New York, I've never went in Bergdorf's.  I've always heard it mentioned in some of my favorite fashion movies and tv shows, but to me I thought it was just a parent store of Neiman Marcus.  Welp! I was wrong. It's an enchanting place where everything wants to be beautiful, interesting, and luxurious.  As I am writing and watching the movie, Scatter My Ashes at Berdorfs (via Netflix), it is amazing that a lot of my thoughts and experiences after my first trip were expressed in the movie.

Let me say this, as most shops that are high end there is an air of intimidation that can come to us regular people in the world.  I must say that the sales people are extremely nice.  When I shop I'm seeking an experience and they give it.  When we first go in, we look at the Chanel bags and venture on over to the sunglasses.  There were some Chloe glasses that I was looking for.  They didn't have those, but I did see a pair of Tom Ford Carrie  sunglasses that I had been coveting for over a year.  I ended up getting those.  

Venturing down to the beauty department, there were so many brands and things down there that I had not even heard of.  Did you know that Tom Ford had a make up line? I sure didn't.  I'm not a beauty blogger, but I'm telling you there were so many fancy things down there that it made me want to start beauty blogging as well.  Sarah ended up getting the Hourglass Ambient Radiant Powder that apparently gives you a fabulous glow.  She bought the last one, so I will be on the lookout for that. 

Finally, we chatted with Roja Parfums (perfumes to us regular people) extraordinaire, Thomas.  If you ever go you have to go to the Rojo Parfums counter and just talk to him.  He talks about these perfumes in such a romantic way it makes you fall in love with them.  He shared so many stories of customers and their reactions to scents of times past. Roja Parfums is not just a perfume, it's a bottled experience of past lovers, exquisite trips, grandmother's vanity, and so many other experiences that make life special. Believe it or not, these scent start, develop, and finish.  I know what will be on my Christmas list next year.  My favorites were Fetish and Gardenia.  

At the end of the evening, we ventured to have literally dinner at Bergdorf's and all it's fanciness.  The restaurant has magnificent views of the city, delightful eats, and a waiter that brings you the most decadent chocolates.  While in Bergdorf's I forgot about all my troubles....lost wallet, freezing cold, and impending sore throat.  It's a perfect world occupying one block of New York.     
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Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorfs, Bergdorf Goodman


  1. Great post. I've never thought of Bergdorf's, being a Southern Belle, but now I want to go! Feel better soon! xo

  2. I love Bergdorf's!!! It speaks to me every time I am in there! It such a warm welcoming place. I went looking for rain boots last year and ended up buying everything but. Great post!

  3. Le sigh. I just want to say thank you. You made me fall in love with fashion. And those sunglasses are fierce on you :)

  4. I love seeing bloggers that I follow hanging out with one another :) Looks like a fab time!

  5. What a great post! I really enjoyed it.

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