Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant: I'm Impressed

                                                                                                  Start the video at 44:51 minutes to see the show.

I will say that it takes a lot to impress me in plus size fashion, but I must say that Isabel Toledo Collection for Lane Bryant has got me impressed.  I visited the store a couple of days ago and the first round of releases weren't for me and I was sad, but then I saw the runway show.   The runway show included items from the current release, but it also has items from a launch that will happen this Summer.  Per the LB tweeter, they will release the items towards the end of May.  From the runway show, I am all about those summer items.  They were flow-y, romantic, and the items had below the knee length.  Now that is really hard to come by in plus size fashion. Personally, I love the mustard and flower printed skirt.  There was also three dresses I liked, 2 black simple mid-calf length dresses and the floral strapless dress.  There were at least 5 items that I could see myself purchasing easily.  I'm really hoping that all the items make it from the runway exactly how they are.  NO CHANGES!! If this is the direction that Lane Bryant is headed well then I'm happily ready and waiting.  You can see the runway show above. 

Style Notes:  I know a lot of you cited sizing issues.  It did run small, but with being a more tailored look with most items not having stretch it caused you to size up more than you normally would. I am a lot more hopeful on the summer items because there were a lot of fit and flare items.  These are, generally, an easier fit than a lot of the straight dress style currently available. 

You can check the first round of releases from the Isabel Toledo Collection for Lane Bryant here.