Lupita Blue

Keeping it real with y'all, this dress was one step away from looking like a hospital gown.  HA! I can admit the obvious.  I had to really play this dress up, so it didn't look like I was going in for surgery.   It's a great dress, it is comfortable, has a swing design, and is in Lupita Nyong'o's cinderella blue color that I have been dying (yes dying) to wear.  I just had to play it up with accessories and broke up the color with this jacket.  I did get compliments on the look, so that at least told me that nobody thought I was on my way to the maternity ward.  LOL.  Because this was so cute and comfy, I will probably put this in my resort wear pile, as I am anticipating my upcoming getaways.    Please note that this dress and look is not about flattery at all, it's about fashion and style as I see it.  

Style Note:  I bought this dress in a 22. It has a swing design and flares out from the bust, but I wanted to make sure that there enough room for my hips.  The arm room was good.  The jacket is also a nice fit.  I got this in a size 22. It's a knit and does have some give.   
Plus Size Spring Coat, Lupita Blue, Kate Spade Lemon Clutch

Plus Size Spring Coat, Lupita Blue, Plus Size Swing Dress

Dress - Asos, Jacket - Asos, Clutch -Kate Spade, Necklace - French Connection (in-store), Shoes - Nordstrom Rack
Photo Credit:  Lydia Hudgens