Flying the Friendly Skies

I had to make a quick trip to NYC and I got to snap a few photos, but I really want to touch on the subject of flying while plus size and offer some of my tips for making it as bearable as possible.  Since I moved to California, flying has become a real pain.  I am generally have to fly all the way to the east coast, which is generally around a 5 hour flight, not counting possible layovers and at this point I'm on a plane at least 8 times a year.  I have to be honest, 99.9% of the time I am perfectly fine with my own fatness, but when it comes to flying  that's when I wish I had collapsible hips. 

Here's some of my own tips of making flying a little comfortable:
  1. Sometimes I have to ask for an extension belt and sometimes I don't.  It depends on the plane.  Some people are uncomfortable or embarrassed asking for an extension belt.  These can actually be purchased online here in the case that you don't like to ask.
  2. Now this tip will change your life.  You know the arm rest on the aisle and by the window. The one that won't allow you to lift it up. Well there's actually a button underneath the arm towards the back of the chair that if you press it that arm will life up.  This is awesome for giving you extra room, especially by the window, where I would often think...if I could only lift this bar...I would be so comfortable. Keep in mind that aisle arm rest have to be lowered during take off and landing. 
  3. I generally try to avoid flying Delta, in my experience,  they have the smallest seat and leg space. Personally, I've found United and American to have the most comfortable coach seats.  You can also check out this seat width comparison chart on TripAdvisor.
  4. Upgrade if you can.  We all know that airline tickets are pricey, but I've kind of just accepted that when I can upgrade my seat to economy plus or first class, I do. Depending on the distance, the prices will vary.  I've upgraded to economy plus for as little as $35 and my recent trip to NYC it was $99 to upgrade.   First class upgrades are steeper, but if I'm going for work and I need to be fresh when I arrive at my destination I generally will just take the hit.  This isn't an option for everyone, but I tell you life is much better at the front of the plane.     
  5. Take care of your ankles. Ever since I had my knee surgery, swelling in my ankles has been a big issue.  To minimize swelling, I really watch my salt intake a week prior to my trip.  I drink nothing but water and during the flight I get up ever couple of hours to move around and stretch. This is also huge in preventing blood clots that form in your legs from prolonged sitting while flying.  You can also wear compression socks to help as well. I also try to put my handbag in the compartment space above me, so I can give my feet room to move and not be so cramped. 
Style Note:  I just want to give a quick tidbit on this dress, fit, etc. This dress is gorgeous and very complimentary to a variety of body types.  It has a layer of tulle underneath the skirt portion to give it some flair. The dress has a bit of stretch and the arm space is decent. 

Dress - c/o City Chic, Bracelet - Lane Bryant, Shoes - Lane Bryant
Photo Credit: Lydia Hudgens