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Celebrity Style Capture - Janet Jackson

These are some quick snaps I took before my hubby and I went to grab some margaritas for Cinco De Mayo. I must say that I was feeling very "Janet Jacket, Love Will Never Do" in this look. I thought it be fun to do a little tribute to the queen, herself (looks over shoulder for Beyhivers & Beygeny).  This is one of her many looks that I love and will never forget. It's so simple and yet so super sexy.  Oh and I promise I'm not trying to give you a sexy look, the sun was in my eyes. HA!

I also wanted to talk about these jeans.  So I finally took the plunge and ordered some of the ASOS jeans.  I was interested in trying out the high waist jeans, so I figured felt like I had a good chance of getting a pair from ASOS and them working for me.  So here's the good and the bad:
The Good:
They fit like they are supposed to.  They are high waisted.  They do have some stretch, but they aren't overly stretchy.  I ordered a size 24 (in jeans I'm usually a 26). I could have possibly went down one size for the waist.  Another great thing about the jeans is that the ankles fit!!!! Too many times ankles of plus size jeans are too big.  
The Bad:
The crotch is really long. Like really long.  I wish they would have extended the zipper part over the long crotch. I was also hoping that the waist was going to be smaller because they are so high.  If you are a small waist, big hip kind of girl you may have to tailor them.  
The Verdict:
I like them.  I will have the waist taken in so I can wear them without a belt.  This is my first pair of jeans from ASOS and they aren't bad.  I know that I am a hard fit because of my measurements, so I am pleasantly surprised.  I would probably size down one size.  ASOS tends to run big anyway.  All in all, I would recommend them.  

Denim - ASOS, Tank - FashiontoFigure, Vest - c/o SimplyBe, Shoes - Calvin Klein (similar)


  1. Thanks for the info about these jeans. I love high waisted everything but I have a hard time finding it, especially in my size. If you know where I can get high waisted flare jeans, I will be forever grateful!

  2. Love this! High-waisted pants are my fav. xoAndra


  3. Thanks for this post! I also have a hard time finding jeans! You look super cute :)

  4. Pretty, loving ti :)
    You are inspiration!

    Dress To Cook

  5. wow love this look on you, so glad you've found a good pair of jeans x

  6. YES to everything, and I LOVE the celeb inspired concept. You rocked this look! Thank you for posting about the Asos jeans. I'm still toying with the idea of making my 1st denim purchase from them This post definitely helped...xo!


  7. great outfit and ive been looking for some cool highwaisted pants. i recently bought some highwaisted shorts that i cant wait to wear this summer!

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  9. You look fabulous Ms. Thang! I love these jeans on you.

  10. I was waiting for you to do a post on Asos jeans. I live your style and if the bloggers i found and follow you are most close to my shape.

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  12. Thanks for sharing!
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