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I must admit I am a home decor junkie. I'll get a new theme in my head and it's out with the old and in with whatever new look I'm trying to accomplish for my home, so Swapdom adding a home goods section to their swappable website is right on time.  (Swapdom uses a "round robin" method of swapping, so that everyone gets what they want.  I give more details in a previous post here.)  Yep, you heard me right, now you can now swap home items that you've haven't been using for new fun things free of charge (except for the cost of shipping).  You can also cross swap across categories. So fashion can be swapped for home goods.  I'm including some of my own items that have been in my storage closet.  I'm swapping a vase, two matching throw pillows, and a cupcake holder (cupcake not included).     You can find all my items on my profile.  I can't wait to see what you guys put up on the Swapdom site.  I'm looking forward to swapping and getting some really cool things and giving my wallet a break from TJMaxx damage.  

This post was sponsored by Swapdom, all opinions are 100% my own. 

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