I think I found my new favorite color.  I feel like it's hard to find the perfect shade of blush in plus sizes.  I see it everywhere in straight sizes. It's probably the reason this skirt came from H&M (straight sizes).  I wonder if it's just me and I'm not looking the right place.  I have, however, been eyeing this perfect blush colored moto for some time now and finally just bought it.  I'm in love with this jacket.  I putting it in my "keep this forever & possibly get buried in it" column. (Yes, there are things that I literally plan to keep and wear until until I'm old and gray, it's apart of my wardrobe building plan). This jacket is apart of the blogger collection for MYNT and was designed by fellow blogger Nicolette Mason.  The details on the jacket are amazing, the leather is so soft, and it really has that luxurious feeling. Some of y'all may wonder why I bought a leather coat when we are about to go into summer.  In the bay, the nights are generally always cool and we often have cool days throughout the summer.  Regardless, I would have still gotten it and saved it for fall if I didn't live in this climate. It was on sale and this is the time when I like to save money on my outerwear for the colder seasons. I also bought a white leather moto, as well.   

Style Notes:  My H&M skirt is a size 12.  It has an elastic waist and a midi length.  My waist hovers around 40 inches.  If you go looking for this skirt just try it on, you never know.  I bought the jacket in a 2X.  There's plenty of arm room.  I would have even went down a size so it would be more fitted in the bust/waist area.  I mentioned buying a white moto jacket from MYNT as well.  I bought a 2X in that one as well and it fit snug in the arms, so don't use the size down theory for every item.  

Make Up Notes:  I can't rave enough about my new lip cream.  It's called Velourlips and it's very similar to the Lime Crime's Velveteens in that it dries in that matte finish. I was gifted these by Mel from CurvyCartel.  She came to the bay area and wanted a shopping buddy.  Now I couldn't let the girl come all the way from the land down under and not take her around.  Needless to say we got in some shopping.  She gifted me three colors, a nude (Pu-ree), a pink (Mal-i-boo), and a red (Ny-cee).  All the colors are gorgeous, but the nude is just insane.  I've said this before, but as a woman of color the perfect nude is hard to come by.  It needs to be pigmented and have awesome coverage.  This is it.  I don't know how I lived my life without this color and I must never run out.  Just know I will be bugging Mel to ship me some from Australia.  
Blush Outfit, Plus Size Blush Outfit,

Blush Outfit, Plus Size Blush Outfit,

Jacket - Mynt (similar), Skirt - H&M (similar), Sunglasses - Nordstrom (similar), Shoes - 6pm (similar), Lips - Velourlips