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Preppy Beach

Hubs and I went out to the beach yesterday to just walk around and get some some sun.  I'm totally not used to these northern California beaches.  Where I'm from you swim, layout, and what not. Here, not so much.  The water is really too cold and it's too windy for swimming and plus it's murky. Just saying. HA! I will try my hand at Santa Cruz later this year.  I heard that's the place to get your true beach experience from.  We'll see.    

Speaking of the beach and sunnin', I got to try out two products from Tree Hut.  The first is the Raspberry Macadamia Daily Defense body lotion with 20 SPF which can be found at Ulta.  Now yall I don't play about my spf. I am a firm believer in taking care of your skin for two reasons:  I want to look youthful like Halle Berry when I get 45 and skin cancer is real and especially among women of color who think that they don't have to wear spf.  Here in the bay, since the weather is so nice and it's always sunny I find myself outdoors a lot, so I make sure I that I do a full body sweep of spf application.  I hate the feel of regular sunblock. The lotions are really thick and hard to blend in and can leave you looking ashy.  What I love about the Tree Hut Daily Defense Cream is that it goes on just like a lotion, has a light and airy smell, and blends in really easy with the skin.  The second product I got was the Italian Mocha Firming Scrub, which can found at Walmart, smells like heaven in a jar.  I promise it really smells like Italian Mocha.  It combines a sugar scrub with ground coffee.  Ground coffee, from my own research, helps with inflammation and is said to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. For me, I can't really speak on that it's firming qualities because my legs have been bogged down in cellulite for most of my life, so I would almost need new legs to be able to test the theory.  What I can say is that it is an amazing scrub that left me smelling good, mosturized and I felt very soft and supple. HA! I wish I could jump in the jar.  For a chance to win a basket full of Tree Hut products visit their Facebook page here, entries take through May 30th.  Be sure to also check out the Olive Detoxifying Mediterranean salt scrub

Style Notes: I can't believe I'm in shorts, long shorts, but shorts just the same.  I haven't done a shorts since 7th grade. I figured if I was going to do it, I might as well go all out and get pink. These shorts fit nice and have a little stretch. I love the length on these. They are 13 inches long.  I wanted to also talk about my Sperrys, they run a little narrow.  I got a size 11, but a 12 would have been nice.  I was suggest if you have a wider foot, size up.

Top - Lane Bryant, Shorts - Talbots, Jacket - Lane Bryant (similar) , Shoes - Sperrys

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  1. Hello,Ciao...Great Pink shorts!
    by the way,nice,wild beach there in California!
    happy time

  2. You look Adorable! I'm going to try those products my skin need some help! Thinking I've been using the same skin care products for way to long! Time for something new. Enjoy That Beautiful Weather.

  3. Very cute outfit! Try Bakers Beach, but be prepared for the naked sun bathers. Gorgeous views of the Golden Gate though. Santa Cruz is nice. Water is cold and just as murky. Nothing like SoCal beaches or the ones back east. Just FYI.

  4. cute combo and the pictures are so nice. i have to say, california is maybe just good for surfing because the water is really murky and icy cold and ofcourse its windy. I think santa cruz has a little more shield from the wind but youll see!

  5. Absolutely adorable outfit!! I love the pastel colors.

  6. Gorgeous as always. Since you're talking about beaches I'm taking a family vacation in your original neck of the woods and I am wondering if you can give any suggestions on a good beach vacation spot. Thanks

  7. You always WERK it! I admire your confidence

  8. I have that same jacket and love it! I have only worn it with a white tank and skinny jeans so far, but now I have a whole new way to style it!