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#BoycottingTarget #AltuzarraForTarget

Dear Target,

For so long, I loved you.  I always went above and beyond in our relationship.  I’ll visit you to get a couple of items and more than a couple hundred dollars later and a cart full of products, I have left giving you way more than I ever planned to. No matter how much I give, you never seem to appreciate me.  All I want is the clothing you offer all your other regular sized customers, but you always leave me out.  With that being said, I have to end this relationship.  It’s you, not me and for my own well-being and my self dignity I have to sever ties between us. 

This may seem a little dramatic, but the recent release of the photos of Altuzarra for Target collection has me feeling slighted.  I’m up late, working as usual, and I see Refinery 29 post 50 photos of the newest designer collaboration.  Literally 50 pieces of beautiful (and I mean beautiful) affordable clothing and none of it will be remotely close to the size that I wear. The collection consists of deeps hues of burgundy, fabulous snakeskin prints, and fall worthy silk-like maxi dresses…enough to make any fashion lover lust.  My heart sinks.  You have once again made me feel like a second-class customer and because of that I’m going to have to discontinue my relationship with you altogether.

Year after year, season after season, you put out these gorgeous designer collections and you almost never include a plus range.  Every time each of these collections is about to be released it feels like a slap in the face. To add insult to injury, over 6 months ago, you took most of your plus size clothing out of the store, promising me something new and improved and that has yet to happen.  I’ve been in this abusive relationship with you for far too long.  I can’t do this anymore.  I will be personally boycotting Target altogether.  No more housewares, grocery shopping, electronics...nothing.  I’m done.  

You may ask, “Is there any way I will take you back?” I will take you back, when and only when, you include true plus sizes in your designer range collaborations.   Until then, I will take my money elsewhere. 

Your Scorned Lover,

Chastity of Garnerstyle-

Check out what you can't buy in your size and the complete collection here:  

Photo Credit:  Target

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*Update: We've tried voicing our opinions before, this was an open letter to Target done previously by The Curvy Fashionista in 2009.  

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