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My Wide Calf Boot Picks

I waited a little bit to make my wide calf boot selections.  I wanted to give the brands a chance to populate their stock before I made my selections.  You'll want to note that the Duo Boots, although the priciest of the bunch will allow you to pick the width of your boots.  I was personally impressed with their selection and I may just go ahead and splurge on a pair.  Some of you have asked about thigh high boots.  Per my knowledge, I haven't seen any offered in plus.  Years ago, Torrid had a pair.  Maybe they will offer them again.  

I did a video below that shows you how to measure your calves a couple little tidbits on finding a great fitting boot.  I also wanted to shout out Boot Bands. They allow you to turn regular boots into wide calf boots or make your wide calf boots wider.  Find them here

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