Is the Designer Nail Polish Worth It?

Marc Jacobs Nail Polish

I had no intention of walking into Sephora and purchasing nails polish that is a whooping $18.50.  To make it worse, I bought two shades. LOL! Why did I do it? Well, I walked in looking for some beige/brown polish, my nails were clean, so I figured I'd try a few shade on. I knew about the Marc Jacobs polish, but hadn't tried it.  I'm looking through the colors and I said why not just try it.  Why did I do that?  I honestly didn't expect much, I'm like polish is polish.  I do tend to stick with OPI & Essie.  I get the longest wear from them and the colors are fab. This Marc Jacobs polish is niiiiiicccccceee.  My initial impression from just trying it on in-store was that it's super opaque (even the glittery colors), super smooth, and the brush gets the job done in two strokes.  The end result is a super shiny gloss polish that doesn't need a clear top coat if you don't want one.  As a person on the go, I thought this would be good for last minute polishing when I have to rush out (which happens a lot). I could literally do one coat and no one would bat an eyelash.  From doing a full polish I'm on day 4 with no chipping.  

To sum up my feelings on it:

Will I purchase again? Yes

What is occasions would you buy this polish for? I think is this a perfect gift for those who love nail polish.  This makes for excellent stocking stuffers for the holidays.  For me, this is a definite #treatyoself gift for myself or for the any of my polish loving friends, so I see myself picking up a color or two when I'm feeling like I deserve something fancy. 

What colors did you buy?  Evelyn & Le Charm

How does it compare to OPI & Essie?  The chipping time is similar with base and top coat. It's the opaque-ness and smoothness that makes this stand out, in my mind. 

Here's a quick note, the glittery polish did not take forever to remove. It came off pretty quickly, which is a plus in my book.  Glitter polish can be a nightmare to remove. 
Marc Jacobs Nail Polish

Marc Jacobs Nail Polish


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