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The Leggings Post

Leggings - Nordstrom, Shoes - Sole Society, Top - Eloquii, Lip - WetNWild Ravin Raisin w/ MAC Current Lip Liner

I've been getting so many questions about legging and to be honest, I really don't wear them for more than being around the house or to work out.  Even then, I haven't found too many leggings that I liked.  My biggest issues is thin fabric that is can have a sheer appearance or a bad fit.  These also seem to tear easily and I've ended up tossing, so many of these types in the trash that I just stopped buying leggings altogether.  I stumbled across these when I was shopping and ended up trying them on.  They are pretty fantastic. They hit on a high waist, have a wide waist band to keep everything in place, and are made from a thick ponte material.  This is not my usual outfit post, but I wanted to review these really quick because I know they are sale and I didn't want anyone to miss out and these just were too perfect not to talk about.  I purchased these in a size 22. 

My Tips For Buying Leggings

Thin & Cheap Material = Thrown away money ~   I can't tell you how many leggings I've thrown in the trash shortly after I've bought them because they got a snag or the middle seams started to open up.  One year I probably wasted $100 or leggings that had to be thrown aways instead of me just spending $50 - $80 on one good pair that would have lasted me a year or two. 

Opt for a high quality ponte knit ~ I've seen leggings in ponte in some of the lower end more fast fashion retailers, but those leggings will get sweater balls and will loose their luster quickly and will end up getting tossed only after having them for a small time.  

Luxe & Budget Friendly ~ My best leggings have always come from Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack.  Nordstrom Rack will tend to sell the high end leggings for around $30, but you just have to constantly check for stock.  Even though Nordstrom is priced higher they are usually good for a 40% off sale. 

Get "Yo" Size ~ Too big or too small and you will be pulling them up every 5 minutes.  Don't do it to "yo" self. 

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