#GarnerstyleBlkFri 2014: Plus Size Edition - Garnerstyle

#GarnerstyleBlkFri 2014: Plus Size Edition

Black Friday 2014, Plus Size Black Friday Deals

This is my favorite time of year.  I am able to help my readers take advantage of those awesome sales and get them the clothing they've been lusting after at a great price.  I always say that if you're on a budget and want fabulous clothing this is the time to shop.  Last year, I started by helping folks shop, pick sizes, and give them idea while shopping.  I plan to continue that this year.  Tag you questions #garnerstyleblkfri on Twitter and I'll help with any questions you may have.  I am @Garnerstyle on twitter.  To get you ready, here are some tips for shopping:

  • Shopping Apps:  Personally, I do my shopping online. I don't have time to fight anyone over anything, but for those of you who maybe in line and will still want to shop you favorite plus fashion stores you may want to download that store's app, if they have one.  Then you can pull double duty while you are waiting in those long lines. 
  • The Early Bird Get The Worm: Some of these sales may only go to 10AM or 12AM, so keep that in mind.  For me, I usually do my shopping in the early A.M., so I am able to get the item that I want. 
  • Remember There Is Cyber Monday:  I feel like Black Friday sales are the best, but Cyber Monday sales are right behind it in savings.  If you miss a brand on Black Friday, then more than likely there will be a good Cyber Monday sale right behind it.  I will have a list up on 12AM EST sharp on Monday for those looking for those. 
  • Lean Towards Items That Would Normally Be Out of Budget: I definitely tend to gravitate towards things where the full price stings a little.  HA! If I can get that $150 top for $75 or that $300 dress for $150 then I'm jumping on it.  
  • Familiarize Yourself With Return Policies Beforehand:  It can be easy to get caught up in, "I'm getting a deal" nostalgia, but don't forget to check out the return policies of the places you shop, so there are no surprises. 
Black Friday 2014, Plus Size Black Friday Deals
Black Friday 2014, Plus Size Black Friday Deals
Black Friday 2014, Plus Size Black Friday Deals

More Plus Size Black Friday Sales
(will be adding more sales as they come in)

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