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Big Body, Little Purse

I used to be the girl that would only carry oversized bags, because of my size.  Kind of like not wanting to take a picture next to your petite, small friend for fear you will look like King Kong standing next to her.  (Love you Rae!) Then I came to the realization that my size is my size, you accept it and are open to the possibility of all things (big and small) fabulous. Don't get me wrong, I still love a huge bag, but I have my fair share of small ones.  Extensive traveling and the need to be hands free was a huge help in learning to love small bags.  There's nothing like walking through NYC  or the airport with not a single solitary thing in your hands. Breathe deep and release. Yep, that's about what it feels like.  HA!

Style Notes:  Okay, so I got sucked up in an Instagram shop. Yes, I did.  I found this top and my only wish is that I wasn't for a person who is half my size. Surprisingly, it worked.  I ordered a 3X in the top. It turned out super cute. This was catagorized as a dress, but to me it was a top perfect for my casual days. 

Top: Gititonline, Leggings: Nordstrom, Scarf: c/o FashiontoFigure (sold-out), Bag: KateSpade, Sunnies: Thrifted (similar), Shoes: Zappos

*Update:  The original print sold out within a few hours of me posting, but I'm linking the same garment in solid colors. 

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