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Finding the Best Jeans for You

Plus Size Jeans
Jean 1: JustMySize | Jean 2: Torrid | Jean 3: Not Your Daughters Jeans

Jeans are a P-A-I-N in the butt to find.  I avoided them for years, but in the last year or so I've found several pair of jeans that dare I say, "I love to wear." I thought I would share some of my favorites jeans while giving you some tips on how to find your own.  A little bit about my body type is that I am a extreme pear shape.  My waist is 39 inches, my hips are 62 inches. I wear a size 24/26 in jeans.  I'm 5'9 with a long torso and average length legs. My biggest fit issues are finding jeans fit my very large thighs and jeans that will fit my waist as well. 

JustMySize - The advantages to these jeans are:  Budget-Friendly, Pear-Shape/Hourglass friendly (No Gap Technology for a better waist fit), The Cons are: They are basic. You're not going to get fashion forward designs or style.  
Torrid - Advantages:  They fit a variety of body types. (I have a lot of blogger friends that love them that have a different body type than myself) They are fashion forward and stylish. They have a good amount of stretch and are comfortable. I've had a couple pairs for a couple years, so they are pretty durable. The Cons are they are pricier.  
Not Your Daughter Jeans:  They have a natural high waist design. You don't have to worry about sitting down and they come down.  There is a nice amount of stretch.  Cons:  The most expensive out of the 3.  They are over $100 per pair, however, you can find them at Nordstrom Rack for a fraction of the price. 
Ashley Stewart (not pictured, honorable mention) - I wanted to mention Ashley Stewart, because I like their jeans.   They are budget friendly (usually under $50) and work well for an hourglass and pear shape.  They can be a hit or miss with the style of the jeans.  For me, sometimes they are a little too trendy and while they maybe in style for the year, the next year they may look outdated. 

Your other body types (rectangle/apple/inverted triangle) out there might be wondering where should you start looking of denim.  Through my own experience with trying different denim I like to clock in my brain jeans that I think would work for other body types.  Here are a few brands to help you get started looking:

Tips for finding Jeans

Be patient - It can take a while to find a pair of jeans that work for you. Know that non-plus have a hard time too.  I have two friends that go through a lot to find jeans. 
In store:  If at all possible, find in-store locations to find jeans. Once you find your favorites, then you can order online.
Different washes could mean a different fit: The wash (the color) could affect how much the jeans stretches. They could be the exact same jeans, but fit different.  It's happened to me before.
Trial & Error - I found the jeans that worked for me through trial and error. I wish I could say, "Yes these jeans will work for you," but that's just not true.
Find your brands - I've found that certain brands work best for certain body types. I'm not saying that all body types can't try all brands, but from my experience, brands tend to work either work for curvier or straighter body types.  I feel like it may be dependent upon the fit model that they use. 
Tailoring takes a good fitting jean to a perfect fitting jean: I've come across a few good fitting jeans, but never perfect. If you want perfect, then you'll have to tailor. 

Finding jeans isn't an exact science, but I hope I helped to give you some places to look and some tips that will help you while you are looking.  Because I only represent my body type, I would love if some of you girls that have found jeans that work well for your body would share the brand below along with your height, jean size, and body type.  It may help the next girl find a cute pair of jeans. 

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